Sunday, October 07, 2007

17 apply for Howell Seat

From the Argus

The 17 candidates seeking the vacant seat on the Howell Public Schools Board of Education are:

Donald Barnowski Jr., technology and management professional

Herbert Bursch, former First National Bank CEO

Matthew Cecora, who was unable to be reached for comment

Lyle Dickson, a Howell attorney

Christopher Drake, a General Motors Corp. engineer

Angela Elizando, a former custodian at Howell Public Schools

Vicki Fyke, the founder of the Livingston Organization for Values in Education and an area businesswoman

William "Bill" Harvey, an engineer who ran unsuccessfully for the school board in May

Kris Kauserud, a consultant helping U.S. companies set up overseas and foreign companies start in the U.S.

Dennis Kennedy, a cost-management specialist at Ogihara America Corp.

Margaret Lupton, a former Howell school board member and president

Mark Michaels, a self-employed handyman

Douglas Moore, an engineer who ran unsuccessfully for the school board in May

James Pratt, an aviation safety inspector for the Federal Aviation Administration and hot-air balloonist who unsuccessfully ran for school board twice

Dorothy Selix, a former Howell teacher who now teaches in Hartland Township

Mary Tumbarella, a part-time aide with Howell schools who unsuccessfully sought a board seat in 2004

Michael Yenshaw, a Michigan State Police trooper

The question is this. Will the board pick someone who is part of the old boys club or an independent? I know nobody with ties to the LOVE group or perceived ties to them will be picked.

Another interesting fact to this is that there will be at least three seats up next election in May.


Jared said...

My money says they go with the former President....

Jared said...

Well, another one bites the dust. This means 2 of the 17 will get seats. I think this is terrible. Why? It's a shame everyone is resigning so soon after the election. Instead of allowing the voters to fill the seats, the board members decided to let what was left of the board pick the seats. This really is a shame. The Howell School Board is showing us they really don't think to highly of democracy.

Curley Sue said...

Picking the former President takes us backward, the teacher takes us to the fox in the henhouse, and don't be too sure that they won't pick a LOVE associate. I think that the Board will now have 4 appointed positions, which represents a majority of the Board. Very sad state that they don't even have it together enough to know when and how to resign. Amazing, simply amazing.

Communications guru said...

We already have a member of an anti-gay hate group on the board, which is far too many, and we certainly don’t need another.