Monday, October 01, 2007

Granholm got her wish, and Michigan gets screwed

Double tax increases. I expected there was going to be one tax increase. I did not expect two. This economy is in the dumps, and that's the solution? Because government mismanages our money and messed up the state budget, going back from the Rick Johnson and Ken Sikkema led years to today's crew, we get this? Thanks guys. Because you all f'ed things up, we have to pay for it. Bipartisanship isn't always a good thing. Oftentimes it is when both parties get together to screw us over. It's when almost all the democrats are united, and a handful of republicans end up joining them.

While I was sleeping, the senate passed both tax increases, the sales tax increase, as well as the income tax increase. The sales tax increase passed 19-19 with Lt Gov. John Cherry being the tiebreaker. All Democrats supported the tax increase outside of Glenn Anderson who is in a swing district. All Republicans opposed it outside of Ron Jelinek, Valde Garcia, and Wayne Kuipers.

The Income Tax passed the senate. All Democrats voted for that except Anderson and Dennis Olshove. All Republicans voted against except Jelinek, Gerald Van Woerkom, Patricia Birkolz, and Tom George.

The House passed the Income Tax increase. All Democrats voted yes except Martin Griffin, Michael Simpson, and Lisa Wojno. All Republicans voted no except Ed Gaffney and Chris Ward.

The House also passed the sales tax increase. No Republican voted for that, and all democrats supported that except Kate Ebli and Marc Corriveau.

I still don't have the roll call for the MESSA reforms.

As far as Chris Ward and Valde Garcia go. Chris doesn't have a bad history on tax votes. There were two things he wanted. No shutdown, and some reforms. We got MESSA, but that was it. I did not expect a two tax requirement for the deal. To Chris's credit, he voted against the IMO worse of the two taxes (sales), although nether one was acceptable to me. Chris waited to the last minute and the board was closed, so I suspect he got burned, but wanted to keep a promise. At least he wasn't the deciding vote, and no democrats got a free pass (Simpson and Griffin DID vote for the sales tax - and let's not forget that). I haven't talked to Chris today, and I'd like his side of the story when this is said and done. Do I agree with the deal? No I do not. Do I consider him a RINO? No. Valde's a nice guy. I can count on him when it comes to the social matters, but this is one vote too many for me on fiscal issues. On this sales tax, I'm real disapointed. He was the deciding vote.

Overall, I'm flat out disgusted at state government. I'd love to support recalls against all of the state reps like Dillon, but they are gone within a year anyway. Let's be patient and send them home then. Dillon can and should wait until August next year. Simpson and Griffin played games, but they did raise taxes, as did Corriveau and Ebli. Those four can get sent home in November. So can McDowell, Espinoza, Byrum, Kathleen Law, Spade and other democrats in tough swing districts that voted for the double tax increase. All the other democrats should get primaried in August, as well as November opposition. April 15th next year is a great time to announce the opposition campaign kickoffs. Tax day.

Granholm needs to get recalled. She's the biggest problem. We can not afford to wait three years before she drives every single productive worker and industry out of our state. Rumor is that she wants to be a senator or Supreme Court Justice after she's governor. How about Private Citizen away from the government trough for the first time in I don't know how many years. If Gray Davis can get recalled in California of all places, we can recall Granholm.

In the senate, there are some tough districts that should be targets. Mark Schauer voted for both tax increases. He's now running for Congress. If he loses his congressional race he stays in the state senate. He should be the first target in the senate for recall. He can lose two elections. His current job, as well as the other job he wants. Send him back to Battle Creek

Michael Prusi is in a democrat leaning district in the UP, but Bush won it. He voted for both tax increases. He should be targeted.

Jim Barcia is in a swing state senate district. He's be extremely tough to beat, but being part of this mess doesn't help. Same goes for Deb Cherry, John's sister. They're nice people, but they still voted for double tax increases.

However if I had to pick and choose only two targets for recall, I'd focus on Granholm and Mark Schauer. Schauer is bucking for a promotion, and Granholm is the biggest problem of all. We got three years of those two jokers, unless sometime is done fast. Let's get the petitions ready and send them home.

Fire Millen! Fire Schauer! Fire Granholm!


Communications guru said...

If you YAF guys are going go through with this misguided recall effort to circumvent the will of the people, why not Ward and Garcia? It would not have happened and the state saved from ruin, literally, if they had not had the courage to do the right thing under difficult circumstances. According to you, Democrats are tax and spend anyway, which is an oxymoron because that’s exactly what government is supposed to do, so why go after them for doing what they traditionally do? It’s nice to see my Senator finally did something not only for the district but also for the entire state.

wk said...

You advocate a recall effort. Where do we sign up?

djtyg said...

Just think. If the Repugs had passed Granholm's plan back in February, there wouldn't have been an income tax increase, and the service tax would have only been 2%!

MomToAnAngel said...

Where do I sign the recall?

Brian Charles said...

Recall Granholm, easy enough. If her administration had not blown through their authorized budget by $700 million with just a "whoops" we wouldn't be in this mess. It should be criminal. If it had come out prior to the election (or DeVos had put up a fight) she wouldn't be governor.

Second, recall Tom George, the only Republican to vote for BOTH tax increases. We need to send a message that Republicans cannot vote for tax increases and then expect to run for office for this party. I could have f-ing voted for a Democrat and watched them do the same thing.

greg said...

Recall effort starts at -

Pass on the link!

keithr said...

I would support a recall for Garcia. I like him as a person but his tax votes are destroying Michigan. We desperately need some fiscally responsible people in government and this is a key seat, as this vote proved.

No point in recalling Ward. It will be a waste of time since he'll be out in a year anyway. After caving on such a vital vote it is unlikely that I would support Ward in future elections.

Granholm is the one we need to get rid of worst. She does not have any clue about how to turn around the economy in Michigan but nothing can be done without her approval. She will continue to block all reforms until she is gone.

I'm curious about what the Michigan constitution says about replacing a recalled Governor.

Stevencap said...

Does Your Candidate Have Plan to Save U.S. Manufacturing?

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The United States racked up a $763 billion trade deficit in 2006, and more than 40,000 U.S. factories have closed since 2000. Michigan has lost more than 279,000 manufacturing employees. These lost factories, and our enormous trade deficit, do not happen by accident. U.S. manufacturers face ongoing, unfair competition from overseas. For example, China employs currency manipulation—a practice deemed illegal under international law—to artificially lower the cost of their goods while raising the price of U.S. exports. China also dumps product in the U.S. and illegally subsidizes its manufacturing. In the past five years alone, China’s state-run economy has poured $52 billion into its steel production, a serious challenge to private American steel producers.

We believe it’s high time that our presidential candidates address this illegal competition confronting American businesses, and offer concrete solutions about how to strengthen U.S. manufacturing.

At the Dearborn debate, and elsewhere, ask your candidates to explain how they’ll stand up for American manufacturing. Ask them directly:
1. What specific policies will you support to strengthen the American manufacturing base, which is vital to our economic and national security?
2. What steps will you take to enforce our trade laws and hold cheating countries like China accountable?

These are serious questions—ones that deserve forthright answers.