Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dillon's Sales Tax alternative - UNACCEPTABLE

House Speaker Andy Dillon and the democrats have a new CYA attempt out. It's slightly better than the current "government picking winners and losers" services tax, but a choice between one or the other is like the "head or gut" scene from the movie "The Last Boy Scout." Do you want to be punched in the head or the gut?

From the Detroit News

EAST LANSING -- House Speaker Andy Dillon set off a firestorm of reaction Friday when he said he is considering the possibility of asking voters, as early as Jan. 15, to increase the state's 6 percent sales tax to 7 percent -- a $1.4 billion annual tax boost -- in exchange for repealing some of the controversial service sales taxes approved by the Legislature in the middle of the night Monday.

"We're not foreclosed from putting it on the presidential primary (ballot) and going for 7 percent," said the Redford Township Democrat. "It could happen, I think."

Republican legislative leaders, a leading anti-tax citizens group, and some influential business groups said they couldn't support a higher sales tax rate, but agreed this week's legislative action to expand the sales tax on services would amount to a job killer when it takes effect on Dec. 1

If I want something on the ballot regarding the new service taxes, it's for a repeal without a catch. If someone's asking me "head or gut", I'm going to respond with a right hook of my own.

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Great closing statement.


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