Monday, October 01, 2007

Recalls. What does it take?

I've gotten a ton of questions about recalls and what it entails.

The full answer is here at the Michigan Legislature site. Below is the reader's digest version.

Here's the basics. I'm not 100% sure on all of this, but fairly sure based on the people I've asked about it. I'm going to use Granholm as the example target.

First someone needs to pull a petition in the resident county of the person being recalled and get the language correct for a recall. The petition must comply with 544c 1 and 2. The language for the recall must be CLEAR, or it will be tossed out. In Granholm's case, the county is probably Northville in Wayne County, unless there has been a residency change. Then it would be Lansing in Ingham County (home of the governor's mansion). Between 10 and 20 days after the petitions are pulled, the board of county election commissioners will certify the language. There will be a hearing on the clarity for the reasons of recall. Appeals may be taken on either side. If there is sufficient clarity for the reason of recall, then the petitions will be circulated. I am not as familiar on this part of elections, as I am on other parts of election law. That my disclaimer.

Once the recall reasons are valid due to clairty, there is a 180 day window to circulate signatures, and all signatures need to be within a 90 day period. The number of signatures is clear.

The petitions shall be signed by registered and qualified electors equal to not less than 25% of the number of votes cast for candidates for the office of governor at the last preceding general election in the electoral district of the officer sought to be recalled. Upon written demand, the county clerk, within 5 days, shall certify the minimum number of signatures required for the recall of an officer in the governmental unit in which recall is sought.

In Granholm's case, that means we need 950,314 signatures. It's not easy, but it can be done. The Gray Davis recall had over 2 million signatures, in a state much more democrat than this one, and at the low point of Republicans in California.

It can be done, but the organization and timing has to be perfect, and there needs to be enough money for it (paid signatures will be needed to win). I think we can get the numbers with the current "Throw all the bums out mentality". As for the recall election itself - if there are enough signatures, then there is the election. No other names will be on the ballot.

Shall (Name the person against whom the recall petition is filed) be recalled from the office of (title of the office)? Printed below the question in separate lines in easily legible type shall be the words “Yes[ ]” and “No[ ]”or in a form as may be prescribed by the secretary of state.

Political Action Committees are what support/oppose recall campaigns. Their regulations are covered at the Secretary of State's website under the Campaign and Elections section. However, recalls have no contribution limits by individuals. That means Granholm will have a lot of money from rich leftists and the Jon Stryker nutcases of the world. However, it means they will be wasting money playing defense instead of going on offense. It's not easy to spin a double tax increase. When a middle class family has to cough up $240 extra to the government, as well as another 6% on a bunch of services, it hits home. No amount of Stryker's money can spin the tax increase and the current economy.

If we can get all the Dick DeVos voters to sign this, we have more than enough signatures with plenty of room to spare. All it takes is a lot of hard work, a lot of organization, and the will to win. We have a choice. We can be stuck with the Matt Millen of governors for 3 more years, or we can a send a message to any future official what will happen if they run this state into the ground. If Granholm is recalled, that will be a message no politicians in this state, Democrat OR Republican will ever ever forget.

Let's send her back to Northville.

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sheltonmr said...

In an effort to gather additional information in support of a successful recall effort, I created an on-line petition of "Intent to Recall Jennifer Granholm". If we can target the petition areas based on responses, we should have an easier time making our goal.

Please sign and forward the link.