Thursday, October 04, 2007

Interesting development in Howell Schools

A very interesting development in going on with Howell Schools. I haven't followed it as closely lately since I moved out of the district and am less active in the Concerned Taxpayers Group.

Mary Jo Dymond resigned from her position, leaving a vacancy. One of the individuals who wants to replace her - Livingston Organization of Values in Education (LOVE-PAC) founder Vicki Fyke.

From the Argus

Vicki Fyke has filed an application to be considered for the seat on the Howell Public Schools Board of Education left vacant by the recent resignation of Mary Jo Dymond.

Fyke is the controversial leader of LOVE (Livingston Organization for Values in Education) who has challenged the school district on a number of issues, from a diversity flag to novels read in an advanced-placement English class.

Fyke is among seven hopefuls for the seat who've made their interest known thus far. The deadline for filing is 3 p.m. Friday

Stop at Cleary's for a beer before going to this meeting. The tension will be in the air.


Communications guru said...

Just what Howell needs: the leader of an anti-gay hate group on the school board. Didn’t the county get enough of a black eye when they gave racist hatemonger Ann Coulter a standing ovation and more than $30,000?

Stevencap said...

Does Your Candidate Have Plan to Save U.S. Manufacturing?

For the October 9 Republican debate in Dearborn, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) urges Michigan voters to challenge their presidential candidates regarding America’s manufacturing crisis.

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These are serious questions—ones that deserve forthright answers.