Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The 2nd pronged attack? Ballot initiative!

Crain's Detroit Business mentioned the 2nd way to take out this tax increase.

Business representatives are looking at a potential effort to repeal Michigan’s new 6 percent tax on services.

Meeting a day after lawmakers enacted the tax on 57 categories of services, business groups on Tuesday began exploring a petition drive to repeal the tax, said Charlie Owens, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business-Michigan.

He said details such as how soon the measure could be placed on the ballot have not been determined.

“Step one is, do we want to do this?” Owens said. “It is being talked about.”

He declined to identify other business groups, but said discussions include not only repealing the tax but also enacting a constitutional amendment stating that the sales tax could not be expanded to services without a vote of the people. (snip)

Despite my usual recluctance to amend Michigan's Constitution, I'm in favor of this as well as the recalls. They compliment each other well. While the recalls are needed to punish the tax and spend reps and "Matt Millen of Governors" Granholm who run this state into the ground, the ballot proposal is needed as well to overturn this bad policy.



keithr said...

I would like to see a ballot initiative to require the state to spend all tax money collected from the sale of gasoline on the repair or construction of roads, bridges, ramps, etc . . .

Enough of paying higher state taxes on gasoline than any other state (road tax plus sales tax) and still having some of the worst roads in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

This isn't difficult. What has happened is that Michigan - under liberal, central-planning leadership that seeks to pick "winners and losers," - has pressed for bigger and bigger programs, costing more and more tax dollars.

Business - the Golden Goose that provides jobs - has been choked, and is wobbling to get out from under the choke hold by crossing the state line.

Michigan consumers have been paying business's taxes in HIGHER PRICES, a neatly hidden tax that the politicians figured could go on forever.

When Michigan chose Jennifer Granholm, after the first miserable four years, instead of a person who understood about how Golden Geese propagate, what did they expect? And to add insult to injury, they gave the Michigan House away to poltical types that feel oh so comfortable taking from the producers to build a captive constituency.

There is a long-term solution for Michigan voters: It's called scrapping the Michigan Income Tax, and enacting the Michigan FairTax. Under the FairTax, Michiganders, visitors - even illegals - will pay for government the way Michigan working families are paid, when something is sold.

Under a Michigan FairTax, no more politicians' hands in our family paychecks; no more politicians' hands in our business checkbooks. No more income tax code to harass families with audits, interest, penalties, even confiscation of personal property.

Under a Michigan FairTax consumption tax, Michigan families pay for government in the process of meeting their family's needs. And every Michigan resident family will receive an advance monthly reimbursement on taxes expected to be paid on poverty-level spending based on family size. Thus, it is a progressive tax system, yet voluntary because it will apply only on new retail purchases, not used, and on services.

The Michigan FairTax is a revenue neutral proposal that will put Michigan workers in charge with information on the cost of Michigan government on every retail receipt! And, the politicians will no longer be able to pit poor against rich, individual/family against business.