Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another candidate announces for 66th District

Jason Corosanite is the second candidate to formally announce. Steve Williams was the first, although I'm not sure if Steve will be running.

From the Argus:
Jason Corosanite, a 32-year-
old chiropractor living in Genoa Township, made the rounds at Tuesday's annual Republican dinner promoting his candidacy for the seat.

In an interview Wednesday, he said some of his main issues are reducing the tax and regulatory burden, turning Michigan into a right-to-work state and eliminating mandatory union membership, and taking measures to lower the number of abortions in the state by promoting adoption.

"I'm kind of fed up with the situation in the economy," he said. "And our family values need to be protected."

I met Jason a couple of times. He seems like a nice guy. He has a business background which is sorely lacking in today's government. He's said the right things so far at the GOP meetings, but I'm interested to see some of the details in his plans as the campaign goes on.

The economy certainly has a bad back. Will a chiropractor be the answer for it? I'm waiting and seeing.


Communications guru said...

I’ve never heard of this Corosanite guy. For someone who says he has a business background he must know that union membership is not mandatory. A “business background, which is sorely lacking in today's government.” You just need to look at Andy Dillon for a real business background. He was the President of the former McLouth Steel, and business executive since 1995.

Another Republican family values candidate. We’ve seen their family values.

keithr said...

It is my understanding that in addition to owning a chiropractor practice, Jason owns or runs a business that produces software for chiropractor offices and he also acts as a part time lobbyist in Lansing on health issues. So not only does he have an extensive business background, he has experience dealing with legislative matters which could get him up and running quickly.

But I'm sitting on the fence at the moment waiting to see where he stands on issues such as taxes, the 2nd amendment, real budget cuts, and benefits for illegal immigrants.

I'll report back if I'm able to gain any more information on him.

If he proves out on important issues I will definitely consider supporting him. It is not clear whether Williams will stay in the race or not, but with his marriage on the rocks most Republicans I've talked to feel he should drop out to straighten out his personal life.

keithr said...

Regarding the issue of adoption, it does not really need promotion except maybe with single mothers considering abortion as their only option. There is a severe shortage of adoptable infants in the U.S. which is why Americans adopt so many babies from other nations every year.