Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election Day 2007

Today is election day. There isn't much going on in most of the state as most of the action is down in Kentucky and Mississippi, with the big cities of San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Philly, and Houston choosing mayors.

Around here in Livingston County, there are only a couple races. Howell and Brighton choose mayorships and city councils. South Lyon chooses a school board. Putnam Township and Pinckney have a bond vote.

In other parts of the state, I know Livonia has a highly contested mayor race that's almost partisan. Jack Kirsey is the republican against Maureen Brosnan, a democrat. Brosnan I know was part of Granholm's campaign and was active in some anti-gun activism a few years back (where I first heard the name).

I'd show up, but it's all clear in this part of Green Oak. These small races are just as important as the more hyped presidential races.

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