Thursday, November 08, 2007

Chet Zarko turns in gazillionaire leftist Jon Stryker, Chet Zarko's latest blog, exposes the latest shenanigans of ultrarich leftist wingnut Jon Stryker. I reported some of Stryker's activities here and here

Here's part of the latest.
We'll call this the first Styker sighting of the year - although it may be the last of 2006. It's hard to tell, but the web of paperwork weaves a remarkable story.

The first strike of Stryker in 2008 begins on 9/27/07, when this committee was formed. The name - Communities Voting Together (both a sound-alike to America Coming Together, and a national PAC with the same name and operators). The first odd thing is the number of Statement of Organization amendments. Therefore, we begin with the original, here. It is allegedly filed by a Richard Leal, likely the Richard Leal that is a board member of ACORN. However, no address for Leal is provided, no Treasurer signature is provided, and only a "record-keeper" signature that appears later as the Treasurer from Louisanna. The document was faxed from a Louisiana phone number. Without address or signature, it is an incomplete filing. On October 8, we have the first SoS amendment, this time making Donna Pharr of New Orleans the main "Attention to:" address and giving Richard Leal the same address as her, in New Orleans. Now this isn't where Leal resides, we're guessing, because its the same address as Donna Pharr's. An out-of-state Treasurer's must sign a check-box statement of irrevocable acceptance that service by mail to their address is legal service, and that they consent to the laws of Michigan. This didn't occur here though, nor do we yet have a signature from the Treasurer himself. We see the final Statement of Organization (SoS) amendment on October 11, bearing Leal's signature but not the out-of-state check box., through its author, therefore is filing a complaint with the Secretary of State on this and other notes.

There's much more at Outside Lansing, and I recommend reading the whole thing.

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