Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wingnut Jon Stryker, Owner of the democrats

Follow the Money: From the Freep.

Billionaire busts out checkbook

Kalamazoo billionaire Jon Stryker is among the top 10 givers this election cycle to so-called 527 committees, tax-exempt groups allowed to raise as much money as they want for general political activities, such as get-out-the-vote efforts, the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics says.

Stryker, ninth on the list, has given at least $250,000, the center says.

The center didn't release data on whom he gave to, but in the last election cycle, when he gave more than $1 million, some of the recipients were Grassroots Democrats and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund.

Stryker is a shady character. Chet Zarko did an excellent job researching this guy's campaign activities. Bill Nowling has reported on him in the past as well.

Stryker runs the Arcus Foundation Click here for their info.

Right Michigan has some information about Stryker as well - here too

This guy is the money behind today's Michigan democrat party. He owns the party.

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