Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Brownback backs McCain, Pat Robertson backs Giuliani

Yes you read that right about Giuliani.

I'm not surprised at all about Brownback backing McCain. There was a real friendliness between the two camps that goes back aways, especially in Michigan. That's not even mentioning the fact that both of them are senators. However, I think the issue came down to the life issue and pragmatism. Most of the "pundit" class think this race is between Giuliani, Romney, and some thrown in McCain, some Huckabee, and some Thompson. I still think it's too early to tell and am waiting things out before making my decision. In a three way race between Giuliani, Romney, and McCain, who has the best record on life issues? McCain. If that's your sole issue on voting, it's an easy decision among those three.

As far as Giuliani and Robertson goes, I'm shocked. It doesn't influence me much as I never cared for the guy, but I did not expect that to happen. I thought he was going to be back someone more social conservative at least on the life issue. Huckabee if he was going to be pragmatic and Hunter if more ideological.

Is the name of the game of them to "Stop Hillary/Obama/Edwards?" That's my guess.

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keithr said...

I was real surprised to hear about Robertson backing Rudy.

I'm not a Rudy fan because of his positions on abortion, gun control, and being weak on illegal immigration. But he does have a positive side. Nobody doubts that he will be strong on national security and he may be one of the most fiscally conservative candidates running. He is a very strong leader with impressive communication skills and an extraordinary ability to think on his feet. Rudy has promised to appoint strict constructionist judges, a big plus in his favor. And in spite of my disapproval on some of the issues, I think Rudy has an enormous amount of integrity and I believe he will try to keep the promises that he makes, which is more than I can say about a lot of other candidates.

I won't support him in the primary but I will definitely support him over Hillary.