Friday, October 24, 2008

Rich New York Democrats committ vote fraud in Ohio

Vote fraud is real. It's been real, and not just ACORN. It's more prevalent now than ever, and here's the latest proof.

The ballots of four wealthy New York Democrats were yanked yesterday after they admitted they set up a temporary house in Ohio and then voted in the battleground state.

The New Yorkers and nine pals from around the country admitted they should never have registered in the Buckeye State, said prosecutors, who had investigated the group for possible vote fraud.

As part of a deal with prosecutors, the 13 said they were sorry and had "misunderstood" the state's voting rules.

"Without reservations, we apologize to the community [and] for the problems this misunderstanding has caused," said Greg Nolan, spokesman for activist group Vote from Home.

The Post reported Monday that the group is run from the East 82nd Street brownstone of Heather Halstead, daughter of Halstead Properties founder Clark Halstead.

Halstead and her husband, Marc Gustafson - along with Bank of New York Mellon exec Joel Speyer and former New York Sun reporter and Scarsdale resident Daniel Hemel - and their pals were investigated after they crammed into a three-bedroom house in Columbus and registered to vote.

All of them cast Ohio ballots, even though they are already registered in New York.

This is no mistake. You can't tell me these people did not know what they were doing. Halstead, and Gustafson are all on the donor lists, and active in other states. They knew exactly what they were doing.

To the prosecutor. Why the HELL are you letting them go? If elections can not be trusted, this entire country is at risk. They should get the maximum punishment possible with major fines and jailtime, and I'm not one quick to support such a measure. This can not be tolerated.

I'm sure these rich leftists would have LOTS of fun in Ohio prison, or even in the Franklin County jail.


Communications guru said...

Wow. You are really pushing this false stolen election BS hard. That’s about all you post about. I guess you're setting up an alibi for when President Obama is elected. Here's why no charges were filed. "O'Brien said yesterday he found "no evidence of criminal intent" and will not pursue charges."

The 13 votes that were not counted will pale in comparison to the votes not counted by Diebold voting machines and the typical Republican intimidation tactics to hold down voter turnout. This was stopped; the only Grand Oil Party intimidation tacit stopped was the foreclosure trick your party was going to try. Thank God for Michigan Messenger, Eartha Jane Melzer and a Macomb County GOP chair with a big mouth.

Bill Baker said...

Of course blame everything on the Diebold voting machines, when your party is running around supporting ACORN, the king of voter fraud. Hey lets just pack vans with homeless people and drive them from poll place to poll place.

Communications guru said...

ACORN has never been convicted of voter fraud. In fact, it was ACORN that tagged the bad registrations, just like the law says they are supposed to do. You can drive all the homeless people to all the polls all you want, but they will never vote. Now, they can sign recall petitions like we saw in the Andy Dillon recall.

Anonymous said...

This is typical of the left, deny the fraud, blame the right, and say we are trying to prevent voter turnout. ACORN has been implicated in many cases of fraud. Just because they have yet to be convicted does not mean they are not involved.

After ACORN swept through Michigan, 98% of those of legal voting age are registered. This is an impossible goal. Also, after ACORN swept through Indianapolis, 105% of the POPULATION was registered to vote.

It is impossible to even register 100% of the people of a given population since the voting age is 18. Those under 18 can't register to vote.

Scare tactics my butt. ACORN is using scare tactics on its workers as many have testified. THey have been forced to sign people up multiple times and have been forced to sign them up as Democrats. ACORN only signs up people as Democrats, and they are supposed to be neutral.

Anonymous said...

communications guru, follow the link for ACORN fraud. There is so much evidence that the FBI is overwhelmed.

Bachbone said...

ACORN is registered as "nonpartisan," and receives millions in federal funds, but there now are at least several different ACORN workers on tape, one flacking openly for Obama, and one in Ohio admitting she steered registrants toward Obama because that's who she preferred. The murky interconnections between ACORN, Citizen Services Inc. and the Obama campaign have now been laid bare, as well. ACORN's defense has been that its registration collectors/workers/employees are independent contractors and therefore not under ACORN's direct control. Since the FBI is now involved in the investigation of nationwide fraud allegations against ACORN dating back many years, it's probably just a matter of time until ACORN at least loses its federal funding, or until charges are filed. When ACORN pressures its subcontractors to the extent that some of its "subcontractors" have described on camera, a jury might be persuaded there was more of an employer-employee relationship than ACORN lets on.

More likely, if Obama is elected, we can expect the FBI investigation to be quietly shut down and never heard about again. And ACORN officials elevated to cabinet post positions.

Communications guru said...

You honestly referred me to a blog for the alleged ACORN fraud? You have no voter fraud. What you have is registration fraud, and it was ACORN that reported them. Somehow, an investigation by a politicized Justice Department is supposed to mean something? I guess those prosecutors don’t want to get fired too.

Some how, 98 percent of Michigan residents of voting age being registered to vote is a bad thing? That’s ridiculous. That is something to be proud of.

Somehow it’s also illegal for an employee to have an opinion? The politics of an ACORN employee are irrelevant. To make money they must turn in registrations. The fraud here is payroll fraud, and those employees should be fired, nothing more. ACORN is a non-profit that has improved the lives of millions of poor and low income people in America for almost 40 years.

Bachbone said...

Somehow it was a huge hullabaloo for a politicized MSM when Bush fired 9 Federal Prosecutors, who work at the pleasure of the President, but somehow in 1993 it was no hullabaloo at all for a politicized MSM when the Clinton co-Presidents fired 93 Federal Prosecutors, some of whom were investigating Democrat scandals.

The politicized MSM is well on its way to becoming the Investia of the United Socialist States of America if Obama is elected with ACORN's fraudulent worker's help.