Thursday, May 17, 2012

Embarrassing black eye. We were caught looking.

Caught looking. It's a baseball term I use. In politics, I use it when someone gets lackadaisical, and gets defeated because the other side outworks them. The person isn't paying attention to the tactics of the other team or the situation and watches strike three go past them, getting a bad out. "Caught napping" is another term often used. If you hear me say that we were "caught looking," this is what I'm referring to, right here.

I'm going to be hearing about this post from some unhappy people, most of whom I consider friends, but the facts speak for themselves here. I hope those people are unhappy reading this, and I'm unhappy about writing this. It's a swift kick in our collective asses, and it is needed. The first two words in our local Livingston County Republican Party/Committee are "Livingston County." Those are the two most important words in the name. It is where we live.

The Argus picked up on this as well. We got caught looking in a couple of places, and Tyrone Township was one of them. Both parties were caught looking there.

From the Argus

The filing deadline for candidates to run in the August primary came and went Tuesday, but nobody stepped up to run for four open trustee seats in Tyrone Township.According to Livingston County Elections Coordinator Joan Runyan, it is an "unusual" occurrence, but it does not yet mean that Tyrone Township's Board of Trustees will be down to three incumbent members — supervisor, clerk and treasurer — when the new four-year terms begin in late November.

From our county party standpoint, that is embarrassing. Absolutely embarrassing.There is no excuse under ANY circumstance in a 59% McCain and 65% Bush Municipality where we are conceding four trustee positions due to not having a full roster. That is unacceptable. The first two words in Livingston County Republican Party are Livingston County. Just because most of that area has a Fenton or Linden address does not mean that it's not part of Livingston County. Was there research done to find out who wasn't running again? Were the outgoing trustees contacted. There's plenty more I'll have to say behind closed doors. If you know what I know, it's actually worse. If this was happening in Green Oak where openings would not be filled, at least one person would be running. Free pass in the primary, too. That's 65% of the battle in Green Oak. If no dems ran, it's be a complete free pass as third parties don't win. 

It's not just there. Unadilla Township. It's moved in our direction, but there's been some local democrat power there over the years. Lori Cowan, trustee, and democrat gets a free pass this time. I know she's popular and has a history of winning, but at least make sure work for it so she isn't out helping other candidates.Caught looking. Strike three, we're out.

The biggest fubar was in Howell Township. Four trustee candidates have filed. Two in each party. In addition, we KNEW there would be openings there as Carolyn Henry is running for prosecutor, and gave us plenty of notice. We knew democrats would be running. They filed, long before Tuesday. In a 57% McCain and 65% Bush municipality, we're giving two seats to the dems. They are tripling their representation in this county, before we even have the general election.

We couldn't get people to run in those areas? One of their residents is running against an incumbent at a higher office, but not the two democrats taking over his township. I wasn't too happy about that.

I don't like getting beat, but I don't mind as much if our side does everything they can from a tactical standpoint to prevent it from happening. Sometimes the candidates are bad. Sometimes their candidates are great. Sometimes it's just a bad year. Situations happen. However, not showing up with a full roster is unacceptable across the board in a county that has no major strongholds for the democrats, and has not voted for one countywide since either 1986 or 1990, with Frank Kelley. This isn't a case of conceding Royal Oak Township (not to be confused with the city), but three areas that all voted for DeVos and McCain in two bad years. These aren't "sacrificial lamb" seats that are being conceded, but seats that are expected to be ours most years, with the possible exception of Cowan's seat which is still winnable.

This can not be allowed to happen again.

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