Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Here's who is running in August in Livingston County - 2012

The filing deadline for the August primary was May 15 at 4PM. The unofficial filings are in. In Livingston County, our August primary will feature the following. In partisan races, the winners are those in each party with the most votes. In non-partisan races, there's a runoff with the top two.

I did not include write-in  candidates who may occur in the future. 

For the US Senate race, we have the following people in:
Rep - Clark Durant (Grosse Pointe Farms), Gary Glenn (Midland), Randy Hekman (Grand Rapids), Pete Hoekstra (Holland), Peter Konetchy (Roscommon).

Dem - Debbie Stabenow (Lansing).

Stabenow, the dangerously incompetent one is the incumbent, and anyone would be an improvement over her. All have their strengths. Durant is most known for charter schools in Detroit. Glenn is most known for running the Michigan branch of the American Family Association. I don't know much of anything about Hekman. Hoekstra is the most well known and experienced with congressional career and Herman Miller. Konetchy is first and foremost a constitutionalist, and is also a successful business owner. There's no shortage of choices in this race.

In MI-08, Mike Rogers has a primary and a general election.

In the primary, he's facing Brian Hertrick and Vernon Molnar. Hertrick's from the Brighton area. I know the name from somewhere although I can't remember off the top of my head. Molnar is either from Fenton (in the 5th) or Holly. Unless someone else has the same name, he ran against John Gleason in a Genesee County district, so I'm a little miffed at him running in the 8th. His house is on the county line.

The winner faces either Lance Enderle or Michael Magdich. Lance's hero is Alan Grayson in Florida. I don't need to say anything more than that.

The other guy is a carpetbagger. I looked up what I could on Magdich and one thing caught my eye right away. I thought based on campaign finance records that he might be a recent transplant from Warren. That was just his work address, but he is a recent transplant.....from Wayne County. That's fine, as long as you don't bring Wayne County politics here. Now he wants to bring Wayne County Democrat Politics to Livingston County. He's a guy who takes a shot at the 1% while living in a $685,000 house.That sounds like a Wayne County politician to me.

Worse, he's pushing for the same FAILED green anti-industrial (non Solundra) policies of his guy Obama.

I'm a native from Livingston County back when it truly was "the country" in more than just attitudes. Not everyone is, and that's alright. I don't hold that against them. My parents are transplants and they didn't want anything to do with the city anymore. I do have a problem when recent transplants move from the city and bring city politics with them that wrecked their county. Democrats destroyed Detroit with their policies. Now some upper middle class yuppie greenie from Wayne County who bought a nearly $700,000 house here thinks he can represent Livingston County?

For State Rep, both Cindy Denby and Bill Rogers have primary challengers. Cindy is facing Harold Melton and Bill is facing Dale Rogers. I know Melton. He's a good guy, but I'm still supporting Cindy. She has one of the best run offices I've ever dealt with. I'm no longer in HD-47, but she still does a good job, really for the whole county. Dale Rogers is a teacher in Novi. Other than that, I don't know much about him. In the general, the winners will face either People who live this way Shawn Lowe Desai or Shanda Willis, who support more spending and abortion rights.

The county races have contests as well.

The Prosecutor's race is open with Dave Morse retiring. Lyle Dickson, Carolyn Henry, and Bill Vailliencourt are all running. I knew Lyle and Bill before they were running and finally had a chance to talk to Carolyn. I haven't decided who I'm supporting yet. All of them have things they bring to the table, and all of them have different backgrounds. Lyle is a former policeman and is a general practitioner. Carolyn is an active litigator in court and is also Howell Township trustee.  Bill's currently an assistant prosecutor. The winner will face moderate democrat and defense attorney Matt Evans, who practices law in Wayne County.

The Sheriff's race will be interesting to say the least. I'm going to be hearing about this comment later, but I'm expecting a repeat of the Homan vs Deering battles to be honest here. This one's going to get ugly. Bigtime. Bob Bezotte's the incumbent and is facing a primary with former deputy Tom Ash and former Michigan State Police Lt. C.J. Maier. The winner of the primary wins as no democrat is running.

There's a primary for clerk as well, which surprises me. Margaret Dunleavy is running again and has my support. No question. Margo Heinonen is challenging her. I know the last name from somewhere, but I can't think of where offhand. I deal with the clerk's office often with election matters, and Margaret has my support.

The treasurer's race has a primary. Dianne Hardy retired and her deputy Jennifer Nash was appointed to replace her. Nash is running for election as a quasi-incumbent. Tax law attorney Brian Wutz is challenging her in the primary. I've met Brian at a few events. I think he'd do a real good job and has the right background for this. 

Sally Reynold's is challenged as register of deeds by Carole Bullion. I know Sally and I've met Carole on a few occasions. Carole's a nice person (as is Sally) and would probably do a good job, but I don't have any reason to vote against Sally based on the job she's done. I'm certainly leaning that way 

Brian Jonckheere is unopposed as Drain Commissioner.

In the commissioner districts, There's no primaries for the 1st (Kate Lawrence and Bruce Schneider unopposed for open seat), 3rd (Domas and Morris), 5th (Drick), 6th (Williams), 7th (Griffith), or 8th (Dolan and Katakowski).

In the 2nd, William Green is facing Jim Mantey. Winner faces Jeanette DiFlorio. In the 4th, Bill Call is facing Ron Van Houten in the primary. Winner is unopposed in the general. In the 9th, Jack LaBelle is facing Gary Childs. Winner is unopposed in the general.

For the townships, I'm a little irked right now at our county party. We got caught looking, and I warned the committee about it too on multiple occasions. What happened in a couple of areas is exactly what I did not want to see happen.

Brighton Township - Everyone running is unopposed.

Cohoctah Township - Same thing. Everyone is unopposed.

Conway Township - Suspected RINO Steve Redinger is facing Michael Rife for the Supervisor position. Suspected RINO Cindy Dickerson is facing Susan Buell Dietz in the primary for the Clerk's position. Redinger and Dickerson both according to my records voted democrat in the 2008 primary when there was contests on both sides. My definition of RINO isn't a liberal republican, but an actual Republican in Name Only.

Deerfield Township - There's three running for two positions. Garry Johnston, Mike Randall, and Douglas Taylor are running. The two who win the primary win.

Genoa Township - I'm not surprised there's going to be a primary here. Gary McCririe is facing Kevin Spicher in the primary. Eight people are running for four positions for trustee as well. Jean Ledford, H. James Mortensen, Linda Rowell, Todd Smith, William Taylor, Dewey Thomas, Steve Wildman, and Keli Woodall. Jim Delcamp is running for the democrats unopposed and will have to beat one of them in the fall to be elected.

Green Oak Township - The only contest here is trustee. Six running for four spots. Tracey Edry, Richard Everett, Rollin Green, George Kilpatrick, Wally Qualls, and James Tuthill.

Hamburg Township - There's much less of a battle this time. Surprisingly, Pat Hohl has a free pass, as does RINO Allen Carlson. Five trustees are running for four spots. Michael Dolan, Bill Hahn, Chuck Menzies, Jason Negri, and Michael Zeglevski. Annette Koeble is running for the dems. She has to beat one of the four winners on the GOP side in November to win.

Handy Township - Everyone running is unopposed.

Hartland Township - Shockingly considering its history, everyone running is unopposed.

Howell Township - This is where our party was caught napping. Everyone running is unopposed. That includes the two democrats who filed for open trustee seats where there was no opposition. 50% of the trustees, barring a major surprise, will now be democrat after this election. No excuse. You don't win when you don't show up. This is why you contest every race. The dems just tripled their representation of partisan offices in the county.

Iosco Township - There is a primary between Dan Delmerico and Kent Laity for clerk.

Marion Township - Eight trustees running for four spots. Les Andersen, Alexander Duncan, Bernie Gerecke, Larry Grunn, Scott Lloyd, Dan Lowe, suspected RINO (2008 vote) Jim Murray, and Robert Peter.

Oceola Township - Everyone running is unopposed.

Putnam Township - Two races here. There's a three way primary for supervisor between Jerry Balk, Ron Rau, and Bobby Stone. The winner faces democrat Mike Porath. Democrats have won in Putnam Township before, so this isn't a sacrificial lamb. For trustee five people are running for four spots. Keith Chambers, Norm Klein, Richard McCloskey, Bob Press, and Donald Speer.

Tyrone Township - Both parties were caught looking. Nobody filed for trustee. Nobody. Again. No excuse.

 Unadilla Township - Everyone running is unopposed, including the longtime incumbent democrat Lori Cowan.


Giani c said...

Do you have an update on who is running in 2014? Just checking on the unopposed seats. Enough already.

Republican Michigander said...

I'll be updated all of them by the filing deadline. For 2014, at least 5 are running in the 47th (Charlie Aberasturi, Wendy Day, Karl Kling, Harold Melton, and Dr Hank Vaupel) and 2 in the 42nd (Nick Fiani and Lana Theis)