Sunday, December 31, 2006

ANOTHER Roundabout?

Unbelievable....with a $500,000 price tag

What's better, waiting two minutes at a stop sign while traffic blocks your way, or negotiating a traffic roundabout?
The Livingston County Road Commission is betting that people will prefer the latter, and are planning the county's sixth roundabout — projected to cost $500,000 — for the intersection of Winans Lake and Hamburg roads in Hamburg Township.

Drivers going westbound on Winans Lake Road face an average wait of more than two minutes at the stop sign with Hamburg Road, said Mike Craine, the commission's managing director.

The other option, he said, was a three-way stop-sign setup, which wouldn't work for very long considering the amount of traffic at the intersection. The intersection doesn't qualify for a traffic signal under state rules, Craine said.


bluzie said...

There is no one who wants to spend your tax dollar quicker than Mike Craine.

Pogo said...

Hamburg & Winans Lake Rd is a VERY bad intersection and definitely needs some kind of improvement. One problem with this intersection is that the roads come together at odd angles and there is limited visibility going in most directions. Traffic at this busy intersection will only keep getting worse as more subdivisions get built in eastern Livingston County.

Roundabouts cost more to install initially but probably save money over the long run as traffic lights use electricity, need regular repair, periodic retiming, and eventual replacement.

Another nice thing about roundabouts is that they work just fine even when the power is out, unlike traffic lights. This is not a minor consideration in a place like Livingston County which experiences frequent power interuptions.

Single roundabouts are OK. The singles all seem to work smoothly even for inexperienced drivers. The big problem is with the double roundabouts, like the one at Lee and old U.S. 23.