Monday, December 04, 2006

Argus interview with new chair

Allan Fillip was elected as the new chair of the county party. I think this is a good pick. He is a hard worker and doesn't play a lot of the office politics games (which was our party's biggest weakness the last two years) and always worked to build a consensus among the party. While more often than I not I agree with him, even when I don't agree, all disagreements I have with him are in a respectful fashion.

The Argus has an interview with him here

Ronald Reagan's Morning in America also marked the awakening of Allan Filip's political consciousness.
Filip, 35, was just a boy growing up in Paw Paw during Reagan's 1980s heyday, but he felt a strong attraction to the president's message of optimism and hope.

He's been hooked on politics ever since, and now Filip is the new chairman of the Livingston County Republican Party, having been elected on Thursday.

"There was kind of a defeatist attitude" in the country before Reagan came on the scene, Filip recalled. "He made me feel more secure, and he got me thinking more about being an American."

The Argus as expected brought up the infamous judicial questionaire. Allan handled that well here.

Within the county party, Filip said he wants to organize and plan meetings and events so that episodes like the controversy over GOP endorsement questionnaires in the supposedly nonpartisan judicial races can be avoided. But he added that the divisions that episode revealed — with some Republicans saying it was OK to ask partisan questions, and others disagreeing — were based on strategy, not positions on issues.

"More often than not, we agree on the issues," he said. "It was more about tactics."

He said the entire controversy had "mixed results, at best," for the party

I hope we have endorsements in the future, but with a much more solid process. I won't go into details, but the process last time was unacceptable - especially how I found out about the copy of the first questionaire from Maria Stuart. A good model of endorsements would be on the same process as the Concerned Taxpayers Group's PAC.

Allan has a tough job ahead of him. We wern't immune to the hit the GOP took in the last election. The question is how we recover from it. If we get back to basics and run on competence (highlighting the locals and Congress from 94-00 where Republicans balanced the budget), small government, and issues that resonate here at home - We'll be fine. We just can't run on how bad the other guy sucks. That isn't a good enough message.

I'm taking a break from the committee due to other committments - most notably law school - but I'll still be active to some degree.

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Curley Sue said...

We will be blessed by any involvement you give. You are a smart, studious young man not to mention likable and a political marksman. We need you in our party and I am personally happy to hear that you will stay involved. Kick butt in law school.