Thursday, December 21, 2006


Finally. The adventure known as law school exams - OVER - and there was a lot I missed.

First off - The Washington Times may be jumping on the Draft Mark Sanford bandwagon. I'd love to see either him or Mike Pence run. With the piss poor (execuse the language, but that's what it is) fiscal record over the past five years costing us control of congress, a Sanford presidency would be a dream to fiscal conservatives. He's also for the most part in line with my stance on social issues. Center-right, pro-life, and pro-2a.

But if Republican primary voters decide that the 2008 standard-bearer needs to bring the party back to its Reagan roots, Mr. Sanford could be the dark horse to watch. The recently re-elected governor could capture conservatives' imagination with his unrelenting adherence to core principles. Unlike most Republican governors who either pushed their state parties to the left or simply acquiesced to tax or spending increases passed by legislatures of either party, Mr. Sanford has battled profligate Republicans at every turn.
When the state House overrode all but one of his 106 spending line-item vetoes in 2004, Mr. Sanford stormed the Capitol the next morning with a piglet under each arm. Red-faced Republicans squealed, but voters loved the bold move. Realizing they couldn't be quite as wasteful as their counterparts, the Senate sustained seven of the vetoes — but still overrode 99.

In other news - Evan Bayh is out of the 2008 sweepstakes. Giuliani is in. Bayh's a flat out weasel who talks conservative to win in Indiana, but votes to ban .30-30 ammunitation to lick the boots of his Sorosian masters. As for Rudy, I personally like him, but have problems with his Second Amendment stances.

Also, remember when it was strongly speculated that the fight over the Michigan State Party chairmanship was about McCain putting his guy in charge? Well......

For Immediate Release

Contact: Craig Goldman

(Snipped phone number)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006
ALEXANDRIA, VA – U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential exploratory committee announced today that Michigan Third District GOP Chairman Dave Dishaw will serve as the state grassroots chairman, leading McCain’s team of supporters in Michigan should he decide to pursue the Republican nomination

Dave's a good guy, but sorry, I can't let McCain have a coronation here.

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