Sunday, December 03, 2006

First "Power Rankings" after the election

The Political Derby released their first ratings after the November 06 elections. It's a site I keep up with.

According to them, McCain and Hillary still lead. Romney and Pence gain momentum, as do Richardson, Gore, Edwards, and Dean. George Allen and John Kerry took nosedives in momentum, and there is some skepicism there over "The next big thing" Barack Obama. Howard Dean was the next big thing too....

Mike Pence is up to 6th. Maybe the Draft Pence movement here can gain some momentum, especially if the Washington leadership listen to the Beltway consultants and not Middle America when it comes to their spending habits. They mention Pence as a VP candidate. Pence as VP candidate could be enough for me to cave and vote for someone I couldn't otherwise vote for (McCain).

We'll see. It'll be an interesting two years.

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