Sunday, December 31, 2006

"Big government conservatism"

I saw this quote on the Michigan Gun Owners website. It bears repeating.

"Big government by its very nature is government that intrudes in people's lives, usurps their rights and responsibilities and confiscates their money. There is nothing conservative about any of this. Regardless of how benevolent and well-meaning its intentions are, government expands almost entirely for the purpose of controlling and regulating the lives of its citizens. Each act of government, each law passed, each regulation written is a step toward limiting the freedom of some one or some group or some organization or some business or industry. Granted, some of these steps may be necessary but most of them are not. So let's not kid ourselves. If conservatives are people who put freedom ahead of security and individual rights ahead of government control, then it must follow that they are opposed to big government. This being the case, a policy of 'big government conservatism' is merely an excuse for wayward conservatives to justify moving leftward and anyone who denies this is an ignoramus, a fool or a hypocrite." - Lyn Nofziger


bluzie said...

Liberal or Conservative. There is nothing American about the Government eavesdropping, snooping and deciding how many weapons a person should own.

I don't believe locally we need more jail space, I think it's totally un American we lock up so many of our citizens. Controlling people has become big business and I for one will work against those who decide we need bigger jails and we need Army recruiters in our schools!! I feel total disdain for pharmacies who decide women do not need birthcontrol pills. I am tired of schools with absentee policies that question parents rights. I am tired of the Liberals blaming the Conservatives for taking away their personal rights while turning a blind eye to gun owners rights. And being a Liberal I have no patience for those who wish everyone to have privacy with their physicans except for women. People's rights are people's rights. There is nothing really concervative about giving up a woman's personal privacy. Sorry, I take my right to privacy seriously....
You should too.

bluzie said...

George Bush has increased the size of government more than any president. by the way it was Bill Clinton who gave us welfare reform (he had done it as Governor of Arkansas as well) balanced the budget and made government smaller than any other president in recent times. So unless you start standing up for what you believe in, maybe you should question what you really believe?

Oh I know, women don't have privacy rights, your morality trumps all.

Pogo said...

This is well written.

There is no doubt that President Bush is a "big government" man, as are many of the Republicans currently serving in the U.S. Congress. Many middle class voters supported the Republican party in the 80's and 90's because of the strong conservative leadership of Reagan and Gingrich, and these same voters are now leaving the party because it has become nearly indistinguishable from Democrats. If the Republican party continues the course of the last few years it will become a long term minority party as it was for many of the years between 1932-1980.