Thursday, December 21, 2006


From Investors Business Daily

Winning Strategy For Republicans: Getting Rid Of Racial Preferences

Posted 12/18/2006

While many Republicans are still reeling from November's election, one important conservative victory has received less attention than it deserves: Michigan's vote to end racial preferences and discrimination. Republicans should pay attention because ending racist "affirmative action" policies could be part of a winning strategy in the future.

I lived in California in 1996 when the California Civil Rights Initiative was approved by 54% of voters in that November's election. The measure prohibited the state from discriminating against and granting preferential treatment to anyone on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity and national origin in public employment, public education and public contracting.

That same year, incumbent President Bill Clinton was being challenged by Republican Bob Dole. Dole consciously distanced himself from the CCRI throughout most of his campaign, at one point praising Colin Powell — who Dole hoped would join him on the Republican ticket — for a speech in which Powell defended racial preferences and denounced the CCRI. Dole lost California by a massive margin as President Clinton won re-election.

Let's stop being afraid of what the New York Times types think. We're mainstream, they're not.

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bluzie said...

Oh Pleassssse run your Republican candidates in 08 on MCRI!! That won because it was so poorly written, people were confused. Every single person I explained it said, oh I am not for that. But it passed so we live with it the best we can.
But most people can see for themselves how Affirmative Action helped women. Before affirmative action you saw very few women in Medical School, Law School, and Board Rooms. It would be one giant gift for Dems if you run candidates on MCRI. I hope you get your way.