Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tancredo visits MSU, Leftist go insane

From the Snooze

A campus discussion about illegal immigration turned violent Thursday evening, when protesters clashed with the MSU College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom, who sponsored the event.

Kyle Bristow, chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom, or YAF, said he was kicked and spat upon by some of the protesters when he was outside the MSU College of Law, where the discussion was being held.

"It saddens me that my fellow Spartans would display this type of behavior," he said. "They are racist. It's sad we need police to come to control these radical leftists."

Some of those leftists pulled fire alarms too. Wow, that's cool man - just like Junior High or Middle School.


liberals Hate America said...

So much for freedom of speech. One would think that at a place of so-called higher learning you would have a student population that would be more open-minded. One is most welcome to disagree with another’s position on issues, but to kick and spit on another human being is uncalled for. Pulling a fire alarm could have caused bodily harm to a handicapped person if one was in that given area.

This has become typical of the Liberal mindset to resort to childish behavior. And now the Democrats want to make it one of there 6 for 06 issues to further subsidize these types of actions. I for one am against using tax dollars to subsidize collage tuition.

Why not subsidize the oil companies, which provide a product essential to allowing 300 million Americans to live, and put a cap on the price of college, which seems designed to turn out more liberal parasites on the productive?

As economist Richard Vedder of Ohio University has demonstrated, every time the government subsidizes college tuition through tuition tax credits, college tuition rises by the precise amount of the tuition tax credit.

American taxpayers subsidize the most cretinous, idiotic, hate-filled lunatics in the universe namely Liberal college Professors

How about Congress having weekly hearings on the price of college and the salaries of professors?

Then there is the issue sure to come up with our new Democratic Government to allow illegal aliens (These are potential Democratic Voters can’t make them mad) to pay steeply discounted in-state tuition at public colleges and universities—rates not available to American citizens from other states..

BigShot said...

If liberals had put on something like this would you see Republicans spitting on people??? Probably not. Republicans might protest, but they would not spit on people. I sincerly hope that more people hear about this and that they see how evil the liberals are and in '08 a huge Republican majority.