Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Informed voters are the best voters

Informed voters are the best voters, and here are two events to help voters be more informed in their decisions.

The first is run by the TAR's (Teenage Republicans). This is July 11th. It's a candidate forum for candidates from the 47th and 66th district. Confirmed candidates there are Charlie Aberasturi, Cindy Denby, and Frank Portelli in the 47th District, and Bill Rogers and Jason Corosanite from the 66th District.

Admission is $5. The money goes to a non political account.

The event is at the Michigan Group Building
6870 Grand River Ave. (Between Hughes/Door Roads and Hacker Road)
Brighton, MI 48114

The other event is on July 17th and run by the Pinckney area Chamber of Commerce. They will have a meet the candidates event as well. That is at 6 p.m. July 17 and will be at Hamburg Township Hall which is at 10405 Merrill Road, South of M-36. I do not know which candidates will be there, but I'm sure the Hamburg candidates will be.


Communications guru said...

A “non political account” my foot. Only the Republicans would charge admission to a political debate to try and turn it into a fundraiser. Disgusting.

liberalshateusa said...

Isn't your God Obama doing the same thing in Denver? Why would he have the arrogance to move locations? The networks are very unhappy and may choose to limit coverage from the added cost's of 2 locations. Will this help to lower Obama's carbon foot print?
A 5 dollar donation is equal to charging 5 entry fee, as your minions will flock to see him.
I wonder how many will faint so as to be shown by the drive by liberal networks.

Campaign Chairman David Plouffe said in an e-mail to supporters.

The new venue, Invesco Field at the former Mile High Stadium, is home to the Denver Broncos. In addition to boosting the number of attendees to Obama's acceptance speech, the venue change also allows the Obama campaign to reach out to more Democrats to boost fundraising.

Plouffe said in the message that a donation of $5 or more to Obama's campaign before Aug. 1 gives supporters the chance to win one of 10 tickets for a backstage pass for Obama's acceptance speech. "Make a donation now and you could have a front-row seat to history," the e-mail said.

Communications guru said...

More twisted, incomprehensible logic from hate America. The answer is no, but I think even you are smart enough to know that, maybe. Charging people to attend a political debate is lubricous.

Who is Obama debating? Plus, there’s no char to attend. Even a loser could attend without putting money in the party coffers. Not so with the Livco grand oil party.

I’m not sure what the networks have to do with anything. They can choose to limit coverage if they so desire, but it will cost them in ratings. Obama’s decision will increase participation; the GOP’s money grab will decrease participation. It really does bother you that people recognize an inspiring leader. The sentence about a “5 dollar donation” makes no sense. Again, the media is conservative if it’s anything. I don’t believe GE is real liberal.

By the way, Barack Obama is not a God; he is just a man, but he’s the best presidential candidate and a leader.