Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jim Mantey over Josiah Goyt for County Commissioner

Goyt has dropped out, but due to election law, his name is still on the ballot.
As the Argus says

Josiah Goyt didn't submit his withdrawal request until almost eight weeks after the withdrawal date had passed. Therefore, his name will be on the ballot, regardless of his withdrawal announcement.

Incumbent Jim Mantey is now the only active candidate on the Republican side for the 2nd District, which covers all of Deerfield and Oceola townships, as well as parts of Howell and Genoa townships.

"I have received a job offer with the Department of Homeland Security (FEMA) and I will be gone six months at a time," Goyt said in an e-mail to the Daily Press & Argus. "If elected, I would not be able to apply the time required for the position. I would like to see somebody in the seat that will devote the time necessary as I would have."

It goes into more detail. It will be a real pain in the rear end for everyone to deal with if Goyt becomes the nominee assuming he is unable to serve as commissioner. If you're in that district, don't skip that race if you are a Republican.

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