Tuesday, July 01, 2008

County Commission: Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC endorses James Mantey and Ronald Van Houten

I just got this in the email box from Bill. I heard talk about interviews upcoming in a couple of primary contests, but I forgot about it completely. I wasn't on the panel here, but I trust the judgment of the Concerned Taxpayers Group and their PAC panels. This is the first County Commissioners race they are involved with. I hope it is not the last race either as I'd like to see the mission expand from its school board origins (enhancement millage).

I don't normally post press releases, but I make an exception for the Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC as I am one of the founders of that organization. I stepped down due to time constraints awhile back, and the position I had there was left in good hands. I can't ask for anything better.

The email:


For Immediate Release - July 1, 2008
Contact: William Johnston (phone number removed)
Howell, Michigan


The Concerned Taxpayers Group, PAC, endorses James Mantey, District 2 and Ronald Van Houten, District 4 for the Livingston County Commissioners race on the August 5th ballot. Both candidates are running in the Republican Party primary. Ronald Van Houten is in District 4, which includes all of Handy Township, Iosco Township, Unadilla Township, Precinct 1 of Marion Township and Precinct 3 of Howell Township. James Mantey is in District 2, which includes Precinct 2 of Howell Township, Precinct 3 and 11 of Genoa Township and all of Deerfield and Oceola Townships.

This evening a panel of Livingston County citizens interviewed four candidates from Districts 2 and 4. The interviewing process is done as a public service to the citizens of Livingston County. The voters of Livingston County should have as much knowledge as possible about which candidates will control taxes and excessive government growth.

Both candidates have the desire, the knowledge and experience to guide Livingston County through the difficult economic times of the present and the future. Livingston County is being hit by the declining economy of the state, collapsing real estate values and increased operating costs. The growth of Livingston County revenue has slowed and with no signs of improving in future years.

Paid for by the CONCERNED TAXPAYERS GROUP, PAC, of LIVINGSTON COUNTY with regulated funds
(Address removed)

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