Sunday, July 27, 2008

SAFR-PAC releases primary election endorsements and ratings

Taking off my partisan hat. Full Disclosure, I am the "Republican" representative on SAFR-PAC. We have Democrat and Independents as well on our PAC.

The Shooters Alliance for Firearms Rights PAC, the premier state level 2nd Amendment Organization, has released their ratings.

The PAC was bi-partisan and had a mix of Republicans, Democrats, and independents. We do not ask the party affiliation of any candidate who sends in a survey, and the only time it becomes an issue is in some primary races where a Republican and Democrat both warrant an endorsement. We do not "dual-endorse" outside of the primary elections where there are two races for the nominee. The 7th District race and the 33rd state house races are an example. In the 7th, Tim Walberg (R) and Sharon Renier (D) were both endorsed in the primary (over Mark Schauer). In the 33rd, both Kim Meltzer (R) and Scott Mazey (D) have excellent records on this issue. Melzer as a rep, and Mazey as an activist.

Surveys, statements, and records are have distinct grades of acceptable, unacceptable, and mixed, as they were graded in 04 and 06. It is possible (rare) to get a unacceptable survey and acceptable record and vice versa. As in years past, it is very difficult to get an endorsement and records, statements, and surveys both carry a lot of weight in that decision. No survey means no endorsement, so some good incumbents were not endorsed for that reason.

The grades for 06 can be found here

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Gotta love Sharon Renier.

Wishing her the best of luck next Tuesday.