Sunday, July 27, 2008

Write-in Candidates

These are the write in candidates for Livingston County positions. Their goal is to get enough write in votes in the primary so they can be on the ballot as a regular candidate in November.

Livingston County Board of Commissioners:

Dave Buckland is running again for the Hamburg district. He ran well in 06 getting 44% of the vote. To put that in perspective, Al Gore and John Kerry got 42% and 41%. Don't count him out.

Hamburg Township
Shannon Piper is running for trustee. Linda Taylor is running for treasurer. Debby Buckland is running for clerk. All are democrats.

I'm quite concerned about Hamburg right now with the brutal primary out there and personal vendettas that seem to go on. Straight party tickets (as much as I hate the straight party lever) may save the day here, but if they are on the November ballot, we're going to have a battle.

Green Oak Township Board of Trustees:
Matt Evans and John Mogelnicki are both still running as write-ins after getting knocked off the ballot for not enough valid petition signatures.

Mary Pieragostini is running for trustee as a Republican.

Putnam Township Board of Trustees:
Michael Porath is running for supervisor as a Democrat. Clement Charboneau and Rick Bianchi are running for trustee as Democrats.

Putnam's a swing township with a lot of ticket splitters who go democrat local and republicans state/federal.


RDBrit said...

Tyrone Township has two write ins for Supervisor.

Republican Michigander said...

Who is running in Tyrone for write in? That wasn't in the papers where I checked, and I can't get to the elections office in Howell for awhile.

RDBrit said...

James Solden and Susan Spellicy have filed as Independent candidates for Tyrone Township Supervisor. They will appear on the November ballot.
Susan at first intended to run for Clerk but, at the last minute, filed for Supervisor.Her interest appears to be the sewer project in whose catchment area she resides.
James, also filed at the deadline. He is someone who in the past attempted to introduce an "adult activity" business into the township but it was successfully opposed by the Planning Commission and the Board of Trustees as inappropriate for the community.

Michael said...

So anyone can decide to run as a write-in, at any time? And as a GOP'er or DImwit? How is that kosher to those who do their due diligence?

So if one loses in the upcoming primary, one can run as a write-in candidate in Nov? In a different seat?

Republican Michigander said...

Not 100% sure.

I think how it works is that for those as primary opposition, a candidate must receive more write-in for that office than someone on the ballot. Same as normal to win the party nomination.

For non-opposition on the primary (Hamburg dems), they need a certain number of votes. I'm not sure what the number is, but I think it may be based on the number of votes for their best office in 06 (Stabenow).

If one loses in the primary, I believe they can run as a write in for the general (as independent) by declaring. A few did that in Brighton Township in 2004. They didn't win, but gave it a good run.