Monday, July 28, 2008

Primary updates - campaign finance

I need to issue a correction. Charlie Aberasturi turned his primary statement in on time. It just wasn't posted on the Secretary of state website during the weekend and the due date was Friday. I think part of that was a typo on the part of the state misspelling Aberasturi's name in his committee. With a tough to spell last name myself, I understand that. Kudos to all Republican candidates for following the law and turning it in on time. He turned it the day before it was due.

Two of the three democrats though, Donna Anderson and Scott Lucas (Tom Crawford clicked the waiver wire), do not have their reports listed on Secretary of State's website. Maybe they turned it in, but normally the Sec of State is quick on showing who did and who didn't. It doesn't look good, as neither of them clicked the waiver wire.

We have a full disclosure system here in Michigan, and it needs to be followed.

UPDATE - Anderson's statement was turned in on time with a day to spare. SOS seems to have changed their system. Before they announced that it was turned in with "data unavailible" and the reports themselves were posted afterward.

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