Monday, March 08, 2010

Elect the AG and Secretary of State

I don't often agree with Mark Meadows. He's the state rep representing East Lansing and was their mayor while I was at MSU. This is an exception. Even more rarer is that this is a constitutional amendment I support.

House Resolution WW. This would place on the ballot a vote for a constitutional amendment to make the Attorney General and Secretary of State a primary election race instead of a convention race. HB 5914 makes the procedures for those two races the same as for the other offices like Governor.

The problem right now with those two offices is that they are nominated by convention. The convention to nominate them is in September after the August primary. That gives them two months to get their name out to the voters. That's not an easy task, and puts them at a major disadvantage as the gubernatorial race gets all the attention.

Another Meadows bill in the elections mold would place on the ballot a constitutional amendment to lengthen house terms to four years and senate terms to six years. I don't support that one. I understand that as a way to lengthen term limits, which are popular with the people, although unpopular with a lot of insiders on both sides of the fence. (I also oppose term limits because it creates 4 year lame ducks to jam unpopular bills through  - like the 04 fee increases).

The election of AG and Secretary of State through primaries is something however I support 100%.

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