Sunday, March 28, 2010

Population shift in Michigan - People move away from democrat areas

Interesting map from the Detroit Free Press.

Growing areas:
Livingston County - 3rd most Republican county in the state
Grand Traverse County - Leans Republican
Ottawa County - Most Republican County in the state
Allegan County - 4th or 5th most Republican county in the state
Kent County - Leans Republican in most elections
Clinton County - Leans Republican in most elections
Benzie County - swing county
Emmet County - Solid Republican
Macomb County - Swing
Washtenaw County - Democrat
Isabella County - Swing to slightly democrat

Shrinking areas
UP - Still locally and statewide democrat
Northeastern Lower Michigan - leans democrat
Wayne County - Most democrat county in the state
Saginaw, Bay, Genesee Counties - Democrat

Oakland County only grew 1% - That's due to that southeastern tier being all democrat.

The question is this. Will Michiganders that move from democrat havens be idiots and vote for the same people that ran those areas into the ground? Democrats - starting with white democrats like Jerome Cavanaugh - destroyed Detroit, and are doing the same with Michigan.

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Communications guru said...

What a bunch of irrelevant crap. Here’s the bottom line. Michigan voted overwhelmingly for President Obama in 2008. Michigan has been a blue state since 1992, and it will stay that way. The fact is every Democratic area in the state, as well as Republican, is reeling from the Bush recession.Livingston County plans, or has, laid off workers.