Wednesday, March 24, 2010

North Oakland Republican Club and the Constitutional Convention

The North Oakland Republican Club is one of the best Republican groups in Southeast Michigan. I'm familiar with them as much of North Oakland is in the 8th district and I've been to a couple of meetings there. They have a well run organization, do their homework, and keep that part of Oakland County in good hands. If you're an active Republican in Northern Oakland County, I recommend giving that organization a look.

Shameless plug, I will be one of the speakers at tomorrow's NORC meeting. The topic is the Constitutional Convention (con-con) on the ballot. I oppose it. The other speaker on this topic is Henry Woloson who supports it. I've done my homework on this issue following it for three years. I assume Mr. Woloson has followed this issue for a long time as well.

I've gone into details on my opposition in past posts on this blog.

It should be a good event. 6:30 at the Pontiac Country Club in Waterford.

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