Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What the hell was the Road Commissioner thinking?

I'm not a tree hugger or an Al Gorean. I do however consider myself a conservationist as a hunter, fisherman, and someone who enjoys the outdoors. I didn't grow up in a concrete jungle, so I understand nature and respect it.

I grew up right near the Brighton Recreation Area in Genoa Twp near the Hamburg Border. One of the roads that goes through that area is Bauer Road which runs between Brighton Rd in Genoa Twp and  Hamburg Rd in Hamburg Twp. South of the subdivision there, it is a wide dirt road that runs alongside Ore Creek, a branch of the Huron River. It's rural, woods, and swamps with almost no people. I drive this area a lot, and oftentimes I don't even see another car on this road. It's a stretch of beauty away from suburbia, and reminds me of the old days in Livingston County.

I'm going to repeat one sentence here before I get to my gripe. It's rural, woods, and swamps with almost no people. So what happened? The Road Commission cut down a bunch of trees on the side of Bauer Road. Thanks guys. I'm not sure if this was the county's call or the DNR's call to make. I'll find out soon enough.

This wasn't a hazard blocking cross-streets. It does open area more to see deer, but this is the woods area, and you should watch for deer there anyway. What this does do is take away some of Bauer's rural character for no good reason.

It's a bad move. Leave that area alone.

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