Friday, January 06, 2006

Hey Jim Marcinkowski - Buy American!!!

I did a "Whois" search through network solutions and looked up Jim Marcinkowski's website address and registry information.

WhoisProtector Inc. (
550 Burrard Street, Suite 200
Vancouver, BC V6C 2B5

Is America (let alone Michigan) not good enough for you, Jim?


Michigan Democrat said...

Marcinkowski didn't buy the domain name, I did and donated it to him. How typical for Republicans to export thousands of jobs from Michigan and then point in the other direction and exclaim "Oh my, why didn't he buy it here?" - as they drive away in their Lexus!

Grow up Republican Michigander!

By the way, why isn't DeVos creating jobs in Michigan instead of China???

Anonymous said...

Good one Michigan Democrat. But you won’t get an answer to your question about the fuller brush man’s China job creation. The “MI Republican” ignores points he can’t counter or he brings up other stuff. It’s nice to see some people are here counter the gop misinformation, which is a full-time job.

Bachbone said...

By the way, how many jobs has the UAW's 'wages for not working' contract sent to China? "Solidarity forever" must not work outside the factory, because I see UAW and NEA members shopping at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target and every other store that sells products made outside the USA. Since the UAW donates most of its political funds to Democrats, why did Clinton flack for NAFTA?

Move outside your glass houses before you start tossing rocks at others'.

Dan said...

Well, that doesn't change the fact that Jim Marcinkowski's campaign outsourced a website out of state and out of country. Unlike Rogers, who buys on in East Lansing.

When I vote for a candidate, I don't just vote for the candidate, but the entire team. Oftentimes, the winning candidate takes his staffers and top supporters to Washington or his district office.

"""""Oh my, why didn't he buy it here?" - as they drive away in their Lexus!"""

I own a Lexus? That's news to me. Last I checked, I drive a Ford as I've always done since I was 16. All of our county party officers drive American cars, as do our representatives as of the last time I saw them. Dick DeVos drives American as well.

And speaking of China, Levin and Stabenow both supported Most Favored Nation trade status for them. As did Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, and John Edwards. NAFTA was supported by Clinton and Kerry. Same with GATT, which was the really bad trade deal. That all can be found at the website.

As for DeVos and China, the only products he builds in China are the products he sell there. That's because of a Chinese regulation so he can access their markets. That brings money home to Michigan for the Michigan economy - much like buying a Honda built in Ohio still sends money to Japan.

As for Granholm's job record....well it goes along with Matt Millen's record as GM of the Detroit Lions. Losses after more losses.

Anonymous said...

Donated the site to Marcinkowski? Then why the whois "protection"? What are you hiding?

Anonymous said...

I haven't dropped by in a while. Seems the Michigan Dems have sicced their trolls on you. I guess it's easier to attack you than to defend the complete incompetence of their Canadian governor and their worthless, Hillary-clone senator.

By the way, I heard the Canadian governor on WJR blaming Michigan's bad economy on Bush. Funny how every other place in the country is doing great, but Granholm's little over-taxed, over-regulated fiefdom is hemmorhaging jobs, not to China, but to Indiana, South Carolina, Texas, and Alabama. You know, those states she and her ilk look down their noses at.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and what is the Canadian Governor's plan for bringing jobs to Michigan? Oh, yeah, I remember.

1. Raise taxes on job providers to pay for expanding the education and health care bureaucracies.

2. ???????????

3. More jobs!

So, when did she bring in the Underpants Gnomes as her economic advisors?

Anonymous said...

Anyway, Michigan Democrat, my advice to you if you want to re-elect your Canadian governor is to follow the example of Christine Fraudoire in Washington state. Get all the illegal immigrants and dead people you can to vote as often as you can get away with. And if that fails, have operatives in Detroit mysteriously find caches of uncounted ballots several weeks after the election. The Washington Democrats managed to count more votes in Seattle than there were registered voters. If you guys can get a sleazebag like Kwame elected in Detroit, I'm sure you can come up with enough "votes" to carry your Canadian governor back into office.

Anonymous said...

Our Governor is an American! Maybe it's too hard for you to read so you just listen to Rush? I just don't understand how you came up with the load of bad information in just one tiny little post?

Michigan Democrat said...

"Republican Michigander" apparently knows the difference between a domain name registration and a web site, but chooses to mislead, distort, dissemble.

About Liberty Concepts (the Web Site Developer)

Liberty Concepts was founded in 1999 by Jonathan Karush to meet the growing technological needs of America's civic organizations. Liberty Concepts provides complete Internet solutions to nonprofits, campaigns, public officials, advocacy organizations, unions, PAC's, academia, and small businesses. Liberty specializes in advanced content management, database applicaiton development, and online fundraising. Not only does LC work in the production of web sites and Internet applications, but is actively involved in the research and development of the Internet as a valuable tool for civic engagement.

Liberty Concepts projects have been featured in Campaigns & Elections magazine, CNN, National Public Radio, the New York Times, ABC News, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Royal Italian Television (RAI). In 2003, Liberty Concepts received the Golden Dot Award for best campaign site in the nation for Congressman Michael Michaud (ME-02).

The Liberty Concepts team is the fusion of Internet & programming experts and political consultants, dedicated to the future of the Internet in the civic arena. If you would like to contact us about our Internet services, or find out more about our innovative ideas for the development of the civic Internet, click here.


Jonathan Karush, President and Founder

Jonathan Karush is the founder and President of Liberty Concepts, the nation’s leading provider of civic and campaign web sites. Jonathan has consulted to high profile nonprofits including the Open Mind Project, the Digital Promise Project, and the Second Amendment Research Center. Jonathan worked in many high profile races in 2004 including Denise Majette (GA-Senate), Ken Salazar (CO-Senate), John Salazar (CO-3), Richard Romero (NM-1), Joe Driscoll (PA-15), and Bill Gluba (IA-1). Jonathan received the Golden Dot Award in 2003 for best congressional campaign site in the 2002 election cycle for Congressman Mike Michaud (ME-02). In 2000, Jonathan co-founded, one of the infamous ‘nader-trader’ vote swapping web sites.

Jonathan is a former editor at the NetElection project and a Sagner Fellow. He was awarded first prize in Ohio State University’s annual public policy essay competition for his piece on the ‘Internet and the Future of Democracy.’ He has written extensively on the role of the Internet in American elections, and online voting. Jonathan has been frequent speaker and correspondent on the Internet in civic life, including as a former political correspondent to RAI (Royal Italian Television).

Jonathan has a B.A. cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with distinction in political science.

Edith Bjornson, Senior Consultant

Ms. Bjornson currently is a senior consultant to Liberty Concepts. She is the Executive Producer of Access The Open Mind Online Digital Project, which comprises a searchable Internet digital archive of the nearly 1,500 half-hour programs of this award-wining public affairs program. Uniquely this interview program, which she produced for many years, has been on American television since the 1950’s. She is a Principal of Recorded Oral Histories, (LLC) a media company specializing in digitizing the histories of not for profit organizations, in the words of their own leaders. Ms. Bjornson served as Project Director to “A Digital Gift to the Nation, Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital and Internet Age,” the published report of the foundation funded Digital Promise Project, and was the editor of the original Web Site, Recent consulting assignments are: Duke University, New York University, Public Agenda, the Lasker Foundation, the American Museum of Natural History, the Soros Open Society Institute, and Fathom.Com, Columbia University’s Internet project, to which she was Senior Consultant. Ms. Bjornson is the former Vice President and Senior Program Officer of the Markle Foundation, which specialized in communications and new media, and was also Vice President for Programming at Westinghouse Broadcasting and Cable. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Connecticut Public Television and sits on its Strategic Planning Committee and the advisory board of “Culture Connect,” an Internet guide to tri-state cultural activities. She was a Trustee of the New York New Media Association, and was elected Chairman. Ms Bjornson was a member of the advisory committee for the “21st Century Learner,” an initiative of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and is a former Trustee of Pro-Natura USA. She is a Life Trustee of The HealthCare Chaplaincy in New York.

Ms. Bjornson holds a Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Florida at Gainesville.