Monday, January 09, 2006

Joe "Liar" Wilson fundraises for his buddy Marcinkowski

Tomorrow, Joe "Liar" Wilson will be in Lansing and Brighton fundraising for Jim "I outsource my site" Marcinkowski.

Plamegate's real Liar - Joe Wilson

Say it ain't so, Joe!

WaPo Article

Yes, it's that Joe Wilson, showing his face in Michigan. It's nice to know the type of characters that Mr. Marcinkowski associates with. He thinks so highly of Joe Wilson, that he's the star at his fundraisers.

And since I'm always accused by the democrat posters here of having the GOP talking points, I'll post a link to those as well, just for kicks.

Top 10 Joe Wilson inaccuracies

This is the best that the democrats here can put up against Mike?


Anonymous said...

What crap. The Democratic posters are here to make sure you don’t get away with any more lies, and we know there’s enough of that to go around in the Republican Party right now. You must be so proud.
Jim Marcinkowski was a CIA case officer and knew Valerie Plame from the CIA, and he, like other CIA case officers, were outraged that the bushies would out an operative just to get back at her husband. Please tell me where Joe Wilson lied? You have to do better than a July 2004 article and gop talking points. Despite spin and damage control by the gop and your flunky Ken Mehlman, everything Wilson said is true. Check out Fact Check at instead of your gop talking points. Joe Wilson is a hero for his actions as ambassador to Iraq, and the more credible bush most have thought so too because he appointed him ambassador to the African country of Gabon. But anyone who disagrees with this bush pays the price, and he has plenty of flunkies like to support him. Everything bush said for going to war with Iraq has proven to be a lie or at the least a rush to judgment, but geniuses like you not only give him a pass, but go on the attack for him against patriotic Americans.
I just don’t understand it.

Anonymous said...

Since you won’t see this posted by a republican.

Bush critic rips 'silence' on CIA leak
Ex-diplomat backs Democrat to unseat Rogers in Congress
By Dan Meisler
Joe Wilson, the husband of the CIA agent whose leaked identity is at the center of a federal investigation, said Tuesday that U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers and other Republicans in Congress have been remiss in their silence about the affair.
Wilson spoke at the Brighton Township headquarters of the county Democratic Party in support of James Marcinkowski, who is running against Rogers.

How can you stand by silently, and by your silence condone the compromise of a national security asset?" the former U.S. diplomat said to THE APPROXIMATELY 80 people in the audience.
Outside, meanwhile, a group of ABOUT 10 demonstrators protested his appearance in Livingston County, passing out literature paid for by the Republican Party saying that Wilson lied in his recent book and in testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Wow, great turnout for the republicans.

Wilson's appearance prompted protests from a handful of demonstrators at the Democratic headquarters. They accuse Wilson of lying in his recent book and in testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee, specifically about his wife's role in his getting the assignment to go to the African country of Niger to investigate claims that Saddam Hussein sought to buy uranium there for a weapons program.

Who cares why he went? What about what he found, that the bushies lied, or at best, rushed to judgment that “Saddam Hussein sought to buy uranium there for a weapons program.”

The silence on that matter is deafening, but they are spinning like hell.

Michigan Democrat said...

Republican Michigander sounds afraid, very afraid...

a domain name registration is not a web site, which "Republican Dissembler" knows very well.

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