Thursday, January 05, 2006

Newt Gingrich takes the establishment to task


Newt Gingrich lit into everyone about the Abramoff situation.

"""""Gingrich: Abramoff Scandal Threatens 'Contract' Legacy
By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
January 5, 2006

( -- Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich asserted Wednesday that the legacy of the "Contract With America" -- the agenda he promoted in 1994 that helped the GOP win both houses of Congress -- is "hanging in the balance" because of the scandal involving former lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

"That's why I'm speaking out so strongly" on the scandal, Gingrich said to reporters after telling the Rotary Club of Washington, D.C., that Abramoff and any other persons convicted of breaking the law in the matter "should definitely go to jail."

Gingrich told reporters that the more he has "heard about the Abramoff scandal, the angrier I've gotten." The former speaker said he found particularly "troubling" the amounts of money being spent on Washington lobbyists, including more than $80 million by a Native American group.

The Republican Party should "face up to its mistakes" in the matter, he added. "To claim that Abramoff is just 'one bad apple' is foolishness. The GOP should not try to defend his actions in the scandal."""""""""""""""""

Gingrich also stated that Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas), who has been temporarily replaced as House majority leader, should rule out any chance of returning to the position "because he will be too busy defending himself" from charges associated with the scandal. "The House has many competent and talented people who can handle the job without becoming a distraction to the party," Gingrich said.

He also gave warned to what kind of reforms that will be pushed for. We don't need any "Keating Five" John McCain type of trash here attacking the grassroots. What will happen is predictable. McCain is going to try and make himself look like a hero to set up his 2008 run for tyrant, I mean president. He'll pass something protecting his buddies while screwing over the conservative grass roots based on the definition of a word shutting us out of the picture as much as possible. He'll give most of the power to the establishment press like the New York Slimes and K-street - doing exactly the opposite of what is intended. George Soros was the main benefactor of BCRA. (McCain/Feingold)

I'm not saying real reform isn't needed, but I don't want it coming from McCain, or from a current senator since 90% of the senate in both parties is a joke.

"I'll tell you what this city's first reaction is going to be," he stated. Lawmakers will "turn the scandal into lobbyist bashing, so the same system on the Hill that is unhealthy will protect itself by passing a narrowly drawn anti-lobbyist provision while the same people go to the same [Political Action Committee] fundraisers to raise the same money with the same cronies in the same manner."

Instead, "the Abramoff scandal has to be seen as part of a much larger and deeper problem," Gingrich asserted, before quoting Lord Acton's famous phrase: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

"This is a profound problem, not just a surface-level scandal," Gingrich said. As an example of the unfair advantage wealthy incumbents have in the electoral process, Gingrich referred to New Jersey Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine. "One person spent $100 million to first buy a Senate seat and then buy a governorship while voting for the McCain-Feingold bill to limit every middle-class citizen to $2,500 in an election," Gingrich said.

"There's something inherently wrong with that," Gingrich charged.

Gingrich also criticized lawmakers for "pouring millions of dollars into tax-exempt 527s" and using contributions from foreign governments and other entities to "build a wall of money to protect themselves from America," which he noted is "a bipartisan phenomenon.

""""""""""""""I don't care which party you're in; go look at where the U.S. senators get their money from," he said. "It ain't back home," which is "a serious, profound challenge" to the process of self-government.

"Lobbying is an honorable and legitimate function, but it should be transparent and accountable," Gingrich added. Also, "Americans should expect the majorities of the House and the Senate to put the country first and restrain or defeat those efforts at personal aggrandizement and personal power that undermine the effectiveness of limited government."

The Republican majority "arrived in Washington in 1994 as a reform party," the former speaker told reporters after his speech. "We accomplished a number of changes in the way the House is run.

Therefore, Gingrich's advice to the GOP this year was to return to the strategy that proved so successful 12 years ago. "Republicans should run as reformers who want to make government more effective and return to the concept of the balanced budget," which Congress accomplished for four years in the 1990s.

In doing so, "it will be necessary for Republicans to risk everything by trusting the American people." But if the GOP presses for "very real and substantial reform," the party could do very well in the fall," he said.""""""""""""""""

What's needed? I'd like to see a return to 1994's Contract with America. That's when we were at our peak, and also when we were our most conservative. The grassroots need to be empowered, now silenced. This would be the main points of my own bill.

1. Repeal CFR and McCain/Feingold
2. Require full disclosure of 527's the same way as a PAC. Soros types launder millions through them.
3. Take a close look at 501c3 and 501c4 organizations and require full disclosure of any $1000 or more donation to them. That's a laundering trick used by Soros types as well.
4. Full disclosure of any organization a registered lobbiest represents and their past employment to any governmental office, 527, 501c3/4, or PAC.


Anonymous said...

This post is so hypocritical I don’t know where to start.

Newt Gingrich calling someone else corrupt is like a fox calling someone else a chicken thief. I know Gingrich is trying to position himself for a presedential run, but he has a long way to go to clean up his image. I know the Democrats are far from pristine, but the Republicioan party is emerging as the party of corruption.
Gingrich informed his first wife he he wanted a divorice when she was in a hospital bed to marry the woman he was bonking while he was marreid to her. Class guy.
Then, while he was married to the first woman he commitetd adultery with, he committed adultery with a house clerk 23 years younger than him, all the while criticizing Billl Clinton for similar actitivies. What makes it worse to me is when you preach and rally agaisnt that kind of sruff while your are doing it yourself.
This is the same man who had 84 ethics charges filed against him, including accepting a $4.5 million advance as part of a book deal after investigating a collauge for the same thing, claiming tax-exempt status for a town hall meeting, and college course run for political contributions and lying to the House Ethics Committee. Is this the man the Republicians worship? He shut down the goverenmt, almost bankrupting furloughed government workers and people who couldn't receive government services all becuase he wsa supposedly snubed by Clinton on Air Force One, which proved not to be true anyway. That governemt shutdown also inclusded the military the right say they love so much.
Then. although Abramoff contributed money only to Republicans, Abramoff is a Bush pioneer who raised at least $100,000 for Bush presidential campaign, every person indicted so far is a Republican, every potential indictee named in published reports is a Republican and Tom DeLay called Abramoff "one of my closest and dearest friends" on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, the only person Gingrich sinlged out in his tirade was a Democraiticvs goveneror. Amazing.
I have no idea what you have agaisnt John McCain, hell, or what you and the Republicans have against veterasn who served their country honorablely in combat. What the gop and the smear boat vets did to Kerry reflected on every single vetrean who ever earmned any kind of medal or award.
For you to call McCain a “tyrant” is funny after the way King george is flouting the law.
I agree with you that money in politics is a huge, huge problem, and it willl be an uphill battle to tame it. McCain-Feingold has huge flaws, but getting just that in place was a high undertaking. I agree with your all of your proposals but the first one, but good luck gettig them enacted. Shouden’t it be a little easier becsue the gop controls the White Houser, the Senate, the House and the Courts?
For you to say “That's a laundering trick used by Soros type” when you should have said That's a laundering trick used by Richard Mellon Scaife-types is a joke. The lies of the smear boat vets had the biggest effect on the last election, and it’s nothing short of criminal. If you can show me one time the Republicans actually “supported the troops” I’d like to know. Wearing red, white and blue, waving a flag and putting a bumper sticker on your car is the best they can do to support the troops.

Anonymous said...

Money rules! Everyone knows it but this scandal will reveal how the fine line between influencing a position and buying a vote "depends on the definition of "is," to quote a famously disgraced American. It will be interesting to see how local this scandal hits. I'm confident the local press won't bother to print more than a blanket denial of involvement or knowledge of impropriety from our elected officials serving in Washington, regardless of the facts, and the matter will end because, after all, we like our own-it's those other guys that are the problem. I do, however, recall reading in the Argus about the 700,000 raised by Rogers in his first year of office.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is a bi-partisan deal. My next door neighbor is a Democrat. He had a Kerry sign on his lawn last cycle. He is kind and generous. He would give the shirt off his back. Conversely, the most ill-behaved, cruel, and selfish person I have ever known in my life is a Republican.

I am a conservative Republican. But I realize what dynamic is at play in the Abramoff fiasco.

The two parties can throw rocks at each other all night.

The problem, whether Democrat or Republican is personal integrity, good will and character - or - the lack thereof. When we replace the bad boys and girls in government with respectable and trustworthy men and women, we will once again be proud of our leaders.