Friday, January 06, 2006

Hillary Clinton fundraisers fined over non-disclosure of campaign funds

From the AP

Sen. Clinton fundraising group fined over Hollywood gala

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A campaign fundraising group for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has agreed to a $35,000 fine for underreporting thousands of dollars spent on a lavish Hollywood fundraiser in 2000, the man who bankrolled the event said.

The organization, New York Senate 2000, agreed to a federal finding that it failed to report $721,895 spent on the fundraiser to boost the former first lady's campaign for Senate, according to paperwork provided by Peter F. Paul, who helped finance the star-studded gala that drew Cher, Diana Ross, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Paul filed the initial complaint that led to the investigation, and on Thursday provided a copy of a signed agreement between New York Senate 2000 and the Federal Election Commission.

For all the Abramoff talk, I figure I'll post this here about the democrat's hero. I should also mention that Peter Paul is a three-time convicted felon.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how long it would take for you to raise the Clinton mantra. The “blame Clinton-first Crowd” strikes again.

As I said in my reply to your newt gingrich post, I agree with you that money in politics is a huge, huge problem, I’m sure some Democrats are going to have been found to have accepted contributions from Jack Abramoff’s lobbying firm, but there’s a difference between a bribe and a campaign contribution. Republicians don’t seem to know the difference, so here it is, a campaign contribution is legal, a bribe is not. I have seen no Democrats go on Scotish golfing trips.

As for “all the Abramoff talk” I don’t see one post on this blog on one of the biggest political scandals since Watergate.
As for the Clinto story, its says “…New York Senate 2000, AGREED to a federal finding that it failed to report $721,895 spent on the fundraiser” and it “AGREED to a $35,000 fine.” It would be refreshing if anyone in this adminstraition admited any mistake.
If you want to bring up Clinton fine, but why is there no post on the biggest political, impeachable scandal sicne Watergate; that King George admitted spying on Americians without a requitred court order, and then he lied about it. Clinton was impeached for lying about sex. DO think this is a little more importat? King George thinks he is above the law like Nixon did.

Anonymous said...

To quote another famous american, "Can't we just all get along?" Bad conduct is bad conduct and is an equal opportunity employer. Party doesn't matter and party doesn't make one side right and the other wrong. Why don't we demand more from those who serve us and why don't we have the courage to admit that those we elect to represent us often fail us? I think our country would be better off if the parties said we aren't going to tolerate shady behavior, period and those willing to engage in it have no place in our party. Don't try to spin it and say the other guys are worse. Just say to them, hit the road. There are plenty of good people willing to step up, nothing is gained by defending the indefensible.

Bachbone said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk! The libs can dish it out, but don't you dare point out the dirt on their own cuffs.

Re: "impeacheable offenses," constitutional experts disagree on whether the NSA wiretaps are illegal. It's not yet proven fact one way or the other. But we know for certain that former President Clinton was found in contempt of court for lying under oath (perjury) and was impeached by the House of Representatives. Fact!

Conservatives have been 1000 times more critical of the GOP leadership than the Dems were of anything the Clinton administration did. Including Clinton minions illegally getting hundreds of FBI files on former Bush and Reagan administration members, and trumping up false charges to fire and prosecute Travel Office members.

Many conservatives, bloggers included, have said, "Let the prosecutorial chips fall where they may." Whichever party the guilty are in, jail 'em and dump 'em.

Dan said...

I was going to mention the railroaded of Billy Dale. Personally, I didn't think Clinton should have been impeached for Lewinsky. It was the cop out and the easy way out. He should have been impeached for the tyrannical railroading of Billy Dale, and for selling out the county to the Chinese Government.

If DeLay's guilty of being more than an enemy of that hack Ronnie Earle, nail him. If Abramoff is guilty, nail him.

Dan said...


Johnny O said...

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Anonymous said...

Well, there goes republican Michigander following the gop debate style, attack, attack and then blame Clinton, instead of actually addressing what was presented.

Trashing the Constitution is an impeachable offense, and why don’t we have a special prosecutor yet. Bush, even more than Nixon, thinks he is above the law and thumbs his nose at the Constitution. It was true when bush said. “It would be a whole lot easier if this was a dictatorship, and I was the dictator.” Well, that’s what he’s gong for.

Yes, Clinton was impeached, who is denying that? He was impeached for lying about something he should not have been asked about. This after years and years of investigation and millions and millions of dollars to investigate everything he ever did, from tearing off a tag on a mattress to jaywalking, and that was the best they could come up with.

“Conservatives have been 1000 times more critical of the GOP leadership than the Dems were of anything the Clinton administration did.” That’s a good one; I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that whopper. That must be the bush school of lying; if you’re going to tell a lie, it might as well be a whopper. Like Iraq has WMDs,is an immediate threat to the U.S. and was involved in 9/11.

The FBI files, the travel office thing, as well as Whitewater were proven to be absolutely nothing. Remember Ken Starr? He and the rest of the GOP tried everything to bring Clinton down, and could not succeed. Screw the country, we want to get Clinton. It was disgraceful

IF “Abramoff is guilty?” Obviously, I will never see it on this blog, but he already PLED GUILTY. Of course, bush forgot he knew him, just like he forgot how close he was to Key Lay. As for delay, he’s innocent until proven guilty, but he just declined to seek the gop House leadership, of course, I don’t see that on this blog.

As for the of-so-typical gop tactic of attacking the messenger, Ronnie Earle has prosecuted more Democrats than republicans.

somedaysoon said...

What dems has he prosecuted. Look at who they were. And when the local gov consisted of 95% dems, it's hard to not prosecute a dem.

Then look at the republicans he has tried to prosecute. What happened in that case. Kind of the same as his current one. Delay is guilty of doing the exact same things as the dems do. Both are breaking the law, but technically not. The dems were just stupid enough to have the dollar figures almost match exactly.

What would you have said if Ken Starr, while at a RNC fundraiser, blasted Clinton. Think about it and try to be honest.

Anonymous said...

What Dems were prosecuted? How about Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Yabrough (Democrat - 1978) was convicted of lying to a grand jury and forgery, and he gave up his seat and were sentenced to five years in prison.
State Treasurer Warren Harding (Democrat - 1982) – pled no contest to official misconduct and did not run for re-election.
Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle (Democrat - 1982) - Earle once brought charges against himself, and secured a conviction, and paid a $212 fine after his campaign filed required campaign finance reports a day late.
Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox (Democrat - 1985) - Mattox, was aquitted of bribery and went on to win re-election.
Texas House Speaker Gib Lewis (Democrat - 1992) - Lewis pled no contest to charges of failing to disclose a business investment after a plea bargain. He did not run for re-election and was fined $2000.
Texas State Rep. Betty Denton (Democrat - 1995) - was convicted of listing false loans and contributions on campaign finance reports and was sentenced to six months probation and fined $2000.
Texas State Rep.Lane Denton (Democrat - 1995) was convicted of theft and misapplication of fiduciary property. He was sentenced to 60 days work release, six years probation, and fined $6000.
Your telling me that 95 percent of Texas state politics is or was controlled by the Democrats? That’s impossible. Even when Engler was governor and the state was saddled with gop control of the House, Senate and Supreme Court and it was no where near 95 percent.
So What you are advocating is the laundering of money becaue Democrats did it? Ridicilous. I can think of no Democrate that pulled a stunt like Delay.
What Ken Starr did was even worse. He conducted a partsian six-year witch hunt at taxpayers expense. Think about it and try to be honest.