Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stabenow votes against Judge Alito

Debbie Stabenow once again says "how high" when her Los Angeles liberal donors tell her to jump.

That's about the only thing she does in the senate as she's written only one law in her 10 years of work in Washington. My source for that is the congressional record itself at Thomas.loc.gov There's a gold mine of information there on the voting record of our congressmen and senators. Here's Stabenow's one law.

S.1285 : A bill to designate the Federal building located at 333 Mt. Elliott Street in Detroit, Michigan, as the "Rosa Parks Federal Building".

While I have no problem with that law, that's the ONLY law she's written in ten years. That's less than the number of wins Matt Millen has had in his worst year with the Lions.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of Matt Millen-style leadership in Michigan.

Fire Millen!
Fire Granholm!
Fire Stabenow!


Anonymous said...

More propaganda from the right. I went to the link you posted, and she sponsored 42 bills or resolutions in less than six years. Any Democrat that can get any thing any where with the republicans controlling Congress is a miracle worker. They have sure changed the tone in Washington, and it’s getting that way in Lansing. Compromise, what the hell is that? It sure demonstrates the folly of having one party control everything, at lest having the gop control it.
Even more than that, she represents her constituents, and there’s more to representing constitutes than passing a law. It’s funny; in an earlier post you cried about the governor not calling a special election in Monroe to replace Rep. Kehrl because the people did not have a voice in Lansing, so you agree with me she’s doing her job no matter how much legislation is being passed.

Good for her for voting against a right-wing ideologue who wants to upset the checks and balances and give bush unprecedented power. I have no idea what LA liberal donors have to do with her vote. She represents Michigan, a blue state, by the way. That’s representing her constituents.

Dan said...

Anyone can sponsor a bill. It's talk, that's it - something that Stabenow and Granholm are full of. Talk and no action.

Stabenow also had 4 years of Bill Clinton in the White House, and almost two years of a Tom Daschle senate, so don't give me that one party control horse manure.

Michigan deserves more than a simple backbencher. Someone who squeaked by a weak incumbent with 49% should also know better than to be a backbencher who does nothing. Once her record is exposed to the rest of the state, this state will vote the same way Livingston County does when it comes to Stabenow - sending her back to East Lansing.

Anonymous said...

I guess the Govna showed you Repugs a thing or two last night!
Whoo hoo!

Four more years! Four more years!

Our Governor has a great plan for our great state! As you have all seen and heard DeVos doesn't have a clue, or a plan for that matter!

Dan said...

About the only thing I agree with you on is that it's a great state.

As for plan, Granholm hasn't has a clue or plan in four years. Cool Cities anyone? This is Michigan, home of grit and hard work - not some bohemian land of post- modernistic horse manure.

I skipped the speech. I already knew it was a Marty Morninwig "The bar is still high" type of thing even worse than the basketball game I saw.

It's too little to late for Granholm. Time for her to start packing and to head home to her gated community in Northville. I'm more than willing to help her pack, as will most of the rest of Livingston County. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know that DeVos is the wealhiest person ever to run for office in the United States? This man has not a clue how to govern and inherited his company and his wealth!

Our Governor was the first in her family to ever go to college and she finished at Harvard Law School. She is a great Governor who is handling the problems of having her state be too heavy in one industry that needs help from our Federal government. The Republican's want her to fail, they want to gain control over the Great Lakes, and it's water resource. It's more profitable than oil.
You know you like her better than Devos, you are just being a party person. You are too smart to be a DeVos person, you know I am right.

Dan said...

If this is the same anyonomous as the person that knows who I am - then you also know that I think the GOP, including Bush, is too liberal. You may remember my Mark Sanford letter a few months back taking the feds to task for fiscal irresponsibility.

The feds are part of the problem. I won't deny that and I've said so many times. That's the major reason I've been push for the right flank (Mike Pence, etc) to take over leadership. The red tape at both levels is a problem, which is one of my problems with McCain. The red tape is as bad as the taxes, since it raises overhead costs. A Senator Zandstra could do wonders for us there.

We have a ton of red tape here. Granholm got almost everything she wanted in her first two year thanks to Rick Johnson and 10-15 Republicans who always caved. Now I think the former speaker is a nice guy, but all those tax and fee increases did nothing to help us and much to hurt us. Too much beltwayitis in there from both sides.

What I like about DeVos is that he's an outsider. He's an activist, not a politician in the old sense. He doesn't come from the municipal government ranks like Granholm did (Wayne County's attorney). He'll have a much easier time saying no to the municipal lobbies, bar associations (Apologies to the Republican lawyers reading this), the MEA/NEA leadership. DeVos is solid on the life issue and supports the 2nd amendment as well. Education reform is his top issue, and one of the most important issues in the state.

We're losing manufacturing jobs not just to China and overseas, but to Ohio, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and much of the South in general. What do they have that we don't? Less red tape, lower taxes, and a better business climate.

And over here, we have the single business tax. We have tons of hoops to jump through. We don't have tort reform, and many of our places are a closed shop.

Lastly, I knew for three years that Wixom was closing. Granholm had to know too. A couple of last minute calls to Bill Ford isn't going to matter. Now I don't put all or even most of the blame on Granholm for that. (Jaques Nassar is the worst culprit) But there sure wasn't a lot of effort there until the 11th hour.

I know government as usual runs at a snails pace, but that's not good enough. Instead I keep seeing the same ole song and dance of "It's Engler's fault."

The first year I can see that. Less so in the 2nd year, but in years 3 and 4, it's no longer the previous CEO's team.

To use a football analogy, a coach/GM has three-four years to build a team. If there's no improvement, time to get a new coach/GM.

Anonymous said...

Unlike republication michigander skipping the State of the State address, I’m going to watch the State of the Union address tonight because I care about my country and how bush is trying to turn it into a police state. I know most of it will be spin and lies, like the yellow cake line a few years ago, but I want to hear what he plans on doing.

As for Cool cities, I, and many other people, think it’s a great idea and a way to keep our young people who are educated at our state colleges and universities here in Michigan instead of fleeing to more supposedly trendy places like NY, Chicago or LA. On a limited budget, too. You ought to read her jobs plan. The gop in the House and Senate though t it was OK. Better yet, read her jobs plan next to Devos’s plan. Oh, wait, he doesn’t have one, at least for the state; he has one for China.

Your “gated community in Northville” crack was funny when you consider whom she’s running against. I don’t know where the Governor lives, and I don’t care. But I can guarantee you this, she earned every thing she has, and she didn’t have it given to her like Dicky boy.

Did anyone see his appearance on Tim Skubick’s “Off the Record?” He looked like a deer caught in the headlights. This is our next governor? He makes W look like a wordsmith.

Anonymous said...

Republican Michigander you are just making it up as you go along. There is not one ounce of truht to your statement that the Governor did not put much effort in until the 11th hour! You my dear boy are lying.

Anonymous said...

All of your arguments are false and completely wrong. You must have learned research from FOX NEWS. Stabenow was elected to the Senate in 2000! In fact, or proud Michigander, she made history in 2000 when she became the first woman from the State of Michigan elected to the United States Senate.

My math tells me that she has been a Senator for 5 years.

You also said, "Stabenow also had 4 years of Bill Clinton in the White House, and almost two years of a Tom Daschle senate, so don't give me that one party control horse manure."

Having been elected in 2000 would make it awefully difficult to serve during a Clinton Whitehouse!

Stabenow served four years in the Michigan State Senate, much different than the US Senate, and prior to that she was a State Representative for 12 years.

You have your own little soapbox with your blog. That's great, I have one too. However, I would recommend that you do a little research before posting your imaginary 'FACTS' as real facts.

Dan said...

Jeff, Stabenow has spent 10 years in Washington. This is her sixth year in the senate. Before that she spent four years in the US house - 8th District (1996-2000 - During Clinton's years). Mike Rogers replaced her when Stabenow ran for senate. (Jeffords switched in 01 giving Daschle senate control till the end of 02)

BCS said...

Same as Levin. The Pope is Catholic & bears dump in the woods!