Monday, January 02, 2006

John Kerry doesn't know his 15 minutes of fame is up

Fox News and AP have this blub out.

Kerry Seems to Be Positioning Self for 2008 Presidential Bid
WASHINGTON — It's almost as if Sen. John Kerry never stopped running for president.

He still jets across the country, raising millions of dollars and rallying Democrats. He still stalks the TV news show circuit, scolding President Bush at every turn.

His campaign Web site boasts of an online army of 3 million supporters.

The Massachusetts Democrat, defeated by Bush in 2004, insists it is far too early to talk about the 2008 race, but some analysts assume he has already positioning himself for another shot at the White House.

This guy was supposed to be the electable choice in 2004. The first choice for most of the left was Howard Dean. Dean fizzled in Iowa with a couple of foot in mouth quotes, and the left panicked and settled for the "electable" Kerry (who I thought was the weakest of the "first tier" candidates with Clark the strongest). We all know what happened with John Kerry.

So all I have to say is...Run Johnny! With a list of candidates likely to include Mark Warner or Bill Richardson, there are much tougher democrats than John Kerry.


In other news. Ohio State beats Notre Dame 34-20


Anonymous said...

Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

Go USC!!!!!!!!!!!!!