Monday, January 16, 2006

Update on filed candidates

Two filings since the last post.

State Rep District 22 - Kenneth Johnson (D)
State Rep District 68 - Jerry Hollister (D)


Anonymous said...

You made a cheap and easy attack on our Governor, I will hold back until closer to the election to unload on the Livingston County candidates! Mr Scamway doesn't hold a candle to our Governor.
He is one huge joke, even real Republicans can't stand him. He has just bought his way into the party and you have to dance with the one who pays your bills.

Why not discuss issues? You are beginning to understand aren't you?

Ms Anonymous

Melissa Sue Robinson said...

Saturday Mar. 11, 2006
Melissa Sue Robinson announces candidacy for State Representative

LANSING - Transgender candidate Melissa Sue Robinson will appear on the Aug. 8 Democratic Primary ballot for Rep. of Lansing's 68th District.
Running on a platform of civil and human rights, Robinson said she will introduce or aggressively pursue legislation that introduces a Universal Health Insurance plan which is designed to cover all uninsured citizens of Michigan; eliminates the Michigan Single Business Tax; and discourages disparity between the sexes in wages, with emphasis on penalizing businesses that pay the male sex more for equal work done by both sexes. She will also fight against eliminating affirmative action and fight for educational funding through a plan similar to one that is presently working in Kalmazoo called "The Kalamazoo Promise".
In a press release Robinson said, "I promise that if elected, my whole term or terms in office will be focused on 'you' the voters, and I will do everything to earn your trust and my salary as your State Representative. As the entire 68th District is in Lansing, I will take a special interest in our City and insure that you 'the voters' are properly represented."
Robinson also encouraged voters to keep an open mind and see her gender change as a strength. She said, "Please don't let the idea that I am a person that changed my gender interfere with your choice at the polls in August and November. If anything, that fact will insure that I'll fight for your rights."
Robinson is the President of the National Association for the Advancement of Transgendered People.
For more information on Robinson's campaign contact The Committee to Elect Melissa Sue Robinson For State Representative 68th District at 517-371-1103 or email website