Sunday, July 15, 2007

From Freedomworks

I don't usually post forwards and that goes double for "talking points". I am posting this I received from pne of the reps at FreedomWorks as it seems like an interesting event with the high caliber of speakers there.

Dear fellow conservative activist,

The Peace and Prosperity Foundation is proud to announce the Young Centurion Program. The YCP is an intensive, year-long lecture series on the foundational conservative principles that shaped the hearts and minds of conservatives like Ronald Reagan. Beyond instilling the crucial conservative principles, the YCP teaches the cutting-edge tactics for succeeding in today's society. In short, the Young Centurion Program combines book-smarts and streets-smarts.

One doesn't need to go to Washington to be a part of the course. We've brought the class to 4 regional Michigan locations! The course is provided free-of-charge to qualified activists on a scholarship basis.

Course seating is limited. Learn more about the Young Centurion Program and apply for a scholarship today at:

The Young Centurion Program will offer instruction by some of the most accomplished intellectuals and strategists that Michigan has to offer. Among the monthly professors for the course are Clark Durant, John Truscott, Gary Wolfram, Dan Pero, Harry Veryser, Saul Anuzis, Dick Posthumus, Jeff Nelson and Gleaves Whitney.

The Young Centurion Program.
- Providing the conservative intellectual foundation and
the necessary skills to develop the next generation of leadership.

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