Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rocky II?

The second time Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed fought, Rocky won.

Rumor is that former state rep Andrew "Rocky" Raczkowski may be rematching Carl Levin in 2008.

I think it could have been an interesting matchup in 2002, if Rocky wasn't thrown to the wolves by a bunch of cowards - I repeat - cowards - who wrote off the Levin race before it started.

One thing I do respect on the democrat side of all people is Howard Dean. Dean has his 50 state strategy that was laughed at by many (not me). If you write off 1/2 of the country, or write off any race against a long time incumbent, you aren't going to win, and you'll be playing defense instead the entire time. Dean has some guts if nothing else.

Rocky's background and views are a good fit for a Michigan candidate. He's socially center-conservative (pro-2nd Amendment, pro-life). He's owned a business. He opposed NAFTA. He's a combat veteran in the military. He's a good speaker. He's won a seat in a swing to democrat-leaning district. (Farmington Hills).

The biggest weakness is money and the lack of confidence of establishment types who don't think Levin is beatable. The former is tough. The latter is self fufilling if it isn't prevented. The unknown Dick Posthumus came within 4% of the then "unbeatable" Jennifer Granholm despite 75% of the GOP establishment being cowards and saying "can't win, can't win" all throughout 2002. He could have won, and if those cowards actually gave some effort, he would have won, and Granholm wouldn't have destroyed this state with her Matt Millen style of management.

I'm undecided in the 08 senate primary, but I have no problems with giving Rocky another shot. With some good low budget campaign strategists, a grass roots movement, a solid message, and hard work, there could be a real surprise in 08.

30+ year incumbent Jack Brooks was knocked out by Steve Stockman in a rematch in a democrat leaning seat won by Bill Clinton twice. Jon Tester beat longtime incumbent Conrad Burns in Montana, a normally Republican leaning state. Incumbents are beatable. Let's give Levin a real race for the first time in 24 years.

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keithr said...

Unless something big and unexpected happens between now and the general election in November, '08 won't be a good year for Republicans to take back seats.

A good start would be for the Republican party to unite behind a presidential candidate that can relate to average Americans, someone that can offer the country hope and optimism.

Based on recent attacks aimed at Fred Thompson, he must be the candidate that potential opponents are most worried about.