Monday, July 16, 2007

We need to Recall ALL tax hikers

And that goes for both Republicans and Democrats.

The Lansing State Journal had an article on the pressure former state rep and libertarian republican Leon Drolet is putting on Richard Ball up in Shiawassee County.

Any vote to raise Michigan taxes is probably weeks away, but the specter of recalls already casts a large shadow over the Capitol and lawmakers' districts.

State Rep. Richard Ball, R-Laingsburg, knows better than most. An anti-tax group already has brought a giant pig to his district, circulated fliers and sought to hire circulators for recall petitions.

"We will be attempting to facilitate and assist citizens in recalling as many members of the Legislature who supported the tax increase as possible," said Leon Drolet, who heads the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance.

"I see, hear and feel desperation, people desperately wanting change, and I feel mounting anger at politicians."

Gov. Jennifer Granholm and legislative leaders are trying to figure out how to fix a $1.6 billion budget shortfall in next year's budget.

Granholm says additional revenue, either through raising the income tax or expanding the sales tax to some services, has to be part of the solution.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, has said Granholm needs to do much more about cutting spending and reforming government before he'll put it up for a vote.

However, I'm not interested in threats if we all as conservatives do not follow through and stop the big government onslaught pushed on us by Granholm and her democrat and RINO supporters. Government spent us into this mess. They screwed up. They have not earned the privledge to receive more taxes from us. If they steal more of our money, it's time for us to fire their arses - starting with the Matt Millen of governors herself - Granholm. Even California of all places fired a democrat. We can certainly do so here.


keithr said...

I talked to a friend of mine from California today. He owns 4 houses, his residence plus 3 rentals. He was stunned when I told him what property taxes are like in Michigan. He says his homes are located in several different cities and range in value from $250k to $300k. His tax bills range from $300/yr to $700/yr, depending largely on location.

Tax bills on comparable homes in Livingston County would start at around $3,000/yr in townships, higher in the cities (at full taxable value when property changes hands) Taxes on a $250k home in Detroit (if you can find one) would be around $8,000 per year.

Even in "low tax" Livingston County, property taxes are over 10 times higher than where my friend lives in California. With high taxes like this, is it any wonder that Michigan's economy is dying? said...