Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ID required to vote in Michigan

The State Supreme Court laid down the law on former AG Frank Kelley. That's usually a good thing, and this is no exception. From the Argus.

A state law to require photo ID to vote in Michigan, approved in 1996 but suspended before it went into effect, has been upheld by the Michigan Supreme Court in a 5-2 decision released Wednesday.

The court majority – comprised of Chief Justice Clifford Taylor and Justices Maura Corrigan, Stephen Markman, Elizabeth Weaver and Robert Young Jr. - found that while the right to vote is fundamental it is “not without limits.”

The court was responding to a request from state Rep. Craig DeRoche, R-Novi, the Republican leader in the state House, to review the law, which had been suspended when former Attorney General Frank Kelley deemed it unconstitutional.

The issue of voter ID has been highly politicized, with Republicans generally supporting the idea and Democrats generally opposed. The court also split along partisan lines. All five of the justices in the majority were Republican court nominees. The two dissenters, Justices Michael Cavanagh and Marilyn Kelly, were nominated by the Democratic Party.

Critics had argued it placed an unfair burden on poor and elderly people.

The least that should be done is requiring ID to vote to prove you aren't voting for a dead person. The vote fraud advocated are all crying in their beer over this one. Too bad. Tell Michigan's version of Boss Daley TS.


Jon said...

Good morning! I couldn't recall if I had sent you a message yet, so I am sending one now just in case :). I have started a conservative digg alternative called GOP Hub ( ). Anything you can do to help get the word out would be awesome. Plus, you can post on it any articles that you write on your blog. Take care and have a great day! said...

Only one reason to oppose one-person-one-vote standards... cheating.

That's about all you need to know about the bad guys on this one.


Communications guru said...

You forgot Mike Cox held the same position as the eternal General. Where’s the alleged voter fraud this is supposed to stop? There isn’t any. This is just going to make even less people vote, but that’s the whole point of this legislation.

John said...

I think this year's political season is crucial to get the message out. Real messages can’t get lost over sound bites. I have found a large Michigan base web directory of political sites and blogs. Anyone can ad to the link without offering being required a reciprocal link.

I just put up a web link for Michigan Gun Owners on it.

But I think its everyone's citizens duty to stay informed on the political issues. So if you know a web page that’s out there please post it up. said...

RM, you've got a Guru problem! That's awesome!!! Good job.

On this one there's really only one reason to complain... because it stops you from cheating.

Otherwise why try to disenfranchise every legal voter in the state by making it easier to commit voter fraud?


Communications guru said...

I know you can’t engage in reasoned debate, but perhaps you could try? Give me some examples of this epidemic of alleged voter fraud. This decision, like just about everything Republicans do, is about maintaining power and keeping minorities and other than the non-rich who tend to vote for equality and the Democrats away from the polls. This is a clear violation of the 14th Amendment: if not in direct violation definitely in spirit.

This is an effort to suppress the vote even further from the low turnout we get now, and that will benefit you. That’s the only reason for this. Why don’t you try to improve voter turnout? Don’t bother; I already know the answer to that one.

As for having a “Guru problem,” dan here used to try and engage in reasoned debate, but when that didn’t work he stooped to what you do on that blog of yours. I know you two don’t like to hear reality and other views, but I welcome it. So if you ever want real debate visit the Conservative Media where there’s no such thing as “trolls” and opposing viewpoints don’t bother me. The only caution is if you engage in the hatful name-calling that’s a trademark of your blog, I tend to give back what I get on occasion.

keithr said...

These days we hear claims of voter fraud from all sides in just about every close major election. Just read the newspapers. While these claims are hard to prove they do undermine confidence in our elections system. If people think the system is crooked they will become apathetic and refuse to participate.

A great deal of money is being spent to try and implement bias free systems with the lowest possible rate of error. But what is the point if many voters believe that rampant fraud exists?

The idea of using I.D. is not to prove or disprove fraud, it is to restore public confidence in our elections system.

And who are the people who are supposedly disenfranchised by requiring voter ID? These days its impossible to open a bank account or cash a check without an official ID, not to mention get a credit card, drive a car, get a job, make a major purchase, or board an airliner. Most people can't even buy cigarettes or booze without an I.D. Soon it will be illegal to reenter the U.S.

I pull my I.D. out freqently for many different things, so often I don't even think about it anymore. Legislators have even offered to make state I.D. cards free (what is the current fee, $25?) for poor citizens to eliminate the "poll tax" argument.

Since it is almost impossible to do anything useful without an I.D. in the U.S., just who are these legions of voters who are somehow unable to get an I.D. and therefore being disenfranchised? said...



Bachbone said...

Well said, keithr. The "show me the fraud this law will stop" argument was openly addressed in the court's opinion. The law provides complete access to voting for everyone who is honest. For the dishonest who try to fudge the system, it provides a means to prosecute.

Communications guru said...

This is so simple even elementary school kids get the picture. If you will remember the cartoon “I’m just a bill on Capitol Hill” from the School House Rock series in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s it stated bills come about because there’s a problem and a constitute or legislator suggests a solution to address it. Here the problem is Republicans cannot get the minority vote and the vote from the non-rich, and this bill is the solution. The real problem is we have such low voter turnout that the winner of the election is the one who has the most money to spend on a 30-second TV commercial. What’s your solution to the real problem?

I read the newspapers, and the only voter fraud I know of is the fraud that saddled us with shrub in the White House, and that would not have been solved with ID cards. That’s where the fraud exists, not with people voting twice or people voting who are not registered. How you restore public confidence in “our election system” is to make sure their vote is actually counted.

This law does not provide “complete access to voting for everyone.” It does exactly the opposite, and there has always been “a means to prosecute” those who commit voter fraud.