Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We have our first Joker award winner

We already have the "No Guts" awards here. The first winners are Barack Obama and The Oaks at Mill Creek down in Jacksonville.

We are now creating a new award - the Joker award. At first I wanted to call it the a**h**e award, but decided to change the name for this. It fits since the winners of these awards are real jokes.

Our first winner of the Joker award goes to all the jerks who toss their McDonalds bags out the window and onto the street. For some reason McDonalds seems to attract a major pro-literring clientale. I saw two of these on Rickett Road on two consecutive days on my way home from work.

I'm no Sierra Club type, but I am an outdoorsman, a hunter, a fisherman, and a Livingston County native who was here back when Brighton was country. It pisses me off to see more and more litter around here destroying our outdoors. It is really that hard to wait till you get to work or home to properly dispose of your trash?

So a congratuations to the litterers on Rickett Road. You are the first winner of the Joker Award. My only regret is that I didn't see these fools toss the stuff out their window. If I did, I'd make note of their license plate and make a stop at Green Oak PD on my way home. A nice fine could teach a very good lesson. I'm not a busybody, but that's just wrong.


S.K. Johnson said...

Please visit my new Duncan Hunter blog to spur activism, and link to it if you feel so inclined!


RightMichigan.com said...

Makes me think of a funny story from my first car back when I was 16. I was cruising with my brother and our friend, both were 14 I think at the time.

So we're flying down 131 in Grand Rapids and this car passes us and boom, out flies a bag... I forget what type, maybe McDonalds, maybe it was a french frie bag, whatever... it was trash.

So my boy Dirk flips these guys the bird, he's so upset that they're littering (he has a hyperactive social conscience to this day).

Next thing I know my car is COVERED in chocolate shake... these guys are tossing everything at us that isn't bolted down in their car.

Dirk's rolling up his windows, starting to panic. Pretty hilarious.

That's all neither here nor there, just thought I'd share.