Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mixed Martial Arts bill passes the house 94-14

Good news from the state house. Mixed martial arts may soon be legalized in this state. It passed the state house 94-14 on a bipartisan vote. I don't have the roll call vote, but the bill was cosponsored by many in both parties including our own Chris Ward. Barbara Farrah (D-downriver) wrote it and came through for us in the committee chair position.

From the AP:
LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The state House on Wednesday passed bills aimed at regulating mixed martial arts fights in Michigan.

The legislation's sponsor, Democrat Barbara Farrah of Southgate, says the bills are needed to draw professional events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship to the state.

The bills would expand state law covering boxing to include contests sponsored by mixed martial arts organizations.

The main bill in the package passed the House by a 94-14 vote. The legislation now goes to the Senate.

I first wrote about the push to legalize MMA here in Michigan last month. This is good news, and now it is onwards to the Senate. Garcia will get a call from me soon. If it passes by the same margin as it did in the house, then we don't have to worry about Granholm - although I don't think she'll be vetoing something like this that can bring money to Michigan.

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I've been a boxing fan (the few, the proud) for years and years and was only recently introduced to MMA. Depending on the format it can be a good time but man is it brutal.

But somehow everyone almost always WALKS away.

I'd have rather the House passed a government reform package yesterday or went on record on this tax hike nonsense but at least it wasn't more legislation protecting toilet seats from overuse.