Monday, July 23, 2007

Ticket increases jump bigtime in Ann Arbor

I wonder if this is a new budget enhancement technique. That's one hell of an increase.

From the Ann Arbor news

The Ann Arbor Police Department has been very busy this past year.

According to an e-mail written by Deputy Chief Greg O'Dell, the patrol division has just about doubled the total traffic tickets it wrote in the just completed fiscal year. The total number of tickets went from 9,967 to 19,080.

But it's not just writing tickets. The police also have increased the number of traffic stop warnings, in which people are pulled over but not ticketed, from 3,667 to 5,308. Police also saw an increase of 58 percent in total code violations from 899 to 1,420. Code violations are misdemeanors such as disorderly conduct.

1 comment: said...

So are Ann Arborites getting progressively and exponentially worse behind the wheel or is the local police force being forced into the role of tax collectors for her highness in Lansing?