Thursday, July 26, 2007

Update on MMA bill in House (Yea/Nay)

The Voting Record on this has been released.

The 14 no votes are as follows. I can always count on uberleftist Steve Bieda being wrong on flat out everything. Eight Democrats and six Republicans opposed this. This wasn't a party line vote.

Richard Ball (R)
Kevin Green (R)
John Moolenaar (R)
Joel Sheltrown (D)
Joan Bauer (D) - She cosponsored the bill, wonder why she flipped.
Robert Jones (D)
Mike Nofs (R)
John Stakoe (R)
Steve Bieda (D)
Kathleen Law (D)
Michael Sak (D)
Howard Walker (R)
Ed Clemente (D)
Steve Lindberg (D)

Rep. Bieda, having reserved the right to explain his protest against the passage of the bill, made the following statement:

"Mr. Speaker and members of the House:

After much consideration, I voted 'no' on House Bills 4869 and 4870 because I do not believe this change in the law either benefits society, nor advances the culture of our state. I would not feel comfortable with children being exposed to this type of violence, and I sincerely believe that a civilized society would not recognize this as a legitimate sport. 'Ultimate Fighting Championships' glorify violence, and appeal to the baser instincts of human nature. I know the long-term as well as the short term health risks of more traditional fighting sports such as boxing, and I am sincerely concerned with expanding our definition of sport to include this type of activity. Because of these concerns I voted 'no' on both bills."

Thumbs up to Joe Hune for voting right, as well as to Chris Ward for his support, and to Barbara Farrah for getting this through committee.

Now we need to get this past the state senate.

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