Friday, April 20, 2012

"People who live this way"

The dems found someone to run for Cindy Denby's seat. I can tell already that he isn't ready. I really don't want to knock this guy too much this early, but Cindy's opponent has a long way to go before the big leagues. He wants to be the next Joe Hune, but he's not, and there's a telling quote that explains why. Unless attitudes changes quick, he's already lost.

From the Argus

Democrat Shawn Lowe Desai graduated from Michigan State University last year with an economics degree, but sought work in manual labor upon entering the work force.
Desai, 23, said his experience on the ground floor of TRW Automotive in Fowlerville makes him the perfect candidate to face state Rep. Cindy Denby, R-Handy Township, on the Nov. 6 ballot

And here's the quote.

"I have always wanted to be a part of the American experience, the working-class experience, so it was important for me to get some experience and really understand what life was like for people who live this way," Desai said.

Where's the facepalm pictures when I need it. The difference between Joe Hune and this guy is simple. Joe actually grew up working class and understands it. His parents will make sure he doesn't forget his roots, either.  Cindy Denby got her experience as a small business owner. This guy on the other hand went to Detroit Country Day and then patronizes us with that comment. "People who live this way."

My family is made up of "people who live this way."  They live the same way as everybody else. "People who live this way" work hard and go home to their families. A large number work long hours so family time is extra important to them. They pay the bills just like small business owners like myself, white collar workers, and people who send their kids to Detroit Country Day. Some love their job and some can't stand it, but it's hard work like anything else. "People who live this way" aren't alien folks who are "Exhibit A" for some research project.

Quotes and attitudes like that are why the democrats are losing the votes of working class voters, especially white ethnics who were the backbone of the party. Put down the Thomas Frank book and quit patronizing the people whose votes you need to have any chance in Hell Michigan of winning. "People who live this way" aren't stupid. Treat them the same as you would your fellow Country Day alums and don't big-time them. You may learn something.


Communications guru said...

Are you for real? Mr. Desai is an elitist because his parents chose to send him to a private school for his high school years and he's a college graduate? Give me a break.

Considering the leading conservative thinks it’s snobbish to strive to have every kid go to college, I should not be surprised. The good news is he is not Joe Hune, and considering Hune’s record, Mr. Desai is more qualified now than Hune. The better news is the Democrats are not losing the votes of working class voters. There is a good reason Michigan has been a Blue state since 1992, and it will remain blue in 2012.

Dan said...

He's elitist because of his comments about "people who live this way" as if working class folks are "exhibit A" aliens from a planet to be studied for some class project.

It's the attitude.

Communications guru said...

He's elitist because of one sentence? That’s a heck of a jump based on an assumption, but not surprising considering you’re a right-winger where emotion counts more than facts.