Thursday, January 12, 2006

Filed Candidates - 2006 elections (unofficial until May)

The site linked is constantly updated.

Candidates who have registered for the 2006 August Primary so far:

US Senate - Keith Butler

State Senate:
8th District - James Koetje (R)(Typo in SOS's office, 8th is in Wayne County)
23rd District - Vince Green (R) (also in special primary)
28th District - Mark Jansen (R), Albert Abassee (D)
32nd District - Aaron Dodak (D), Dave Adams (D)
34th District - Dave Tibergien (D)

State House
9th District - Tupac Hunter (D)
18th District - Richard LeBlanc (D)
48th District - Dana Whitehead (R)
58th District - Derek Huff (D)
64th District - Bob Ross (R)
65th District - Mike Simpson (D)
69th District - Mark Meadows (D)
84th District - Christine Young (R)
87th District - Brian Calley (R), Mark Doster (D)
89th District - Marcia DeWild (R), Gerald Hunsburger (R)
91st District - Mary Valentine (D)
93rd District - Michael Trebesh (R)
98th District - Scott Wells (D)
100th District - Ronald W Griffin (D), Bill Richards (D)
108th District - David Allen Polzin (D)

30th Circuit - Laura Baird (was most anti-2a state rep in state history)
39th Circuit - Timothy Pickard


Anonymous said...

I think the SOS website is wrong. James Koetje is shown having filed for the 8th Senate District race but he should be filed under the 28th Senate District race (the address he gives on the SOS site is in Grandville in Kent County and the 8th District is in Wayne County). Koetje is the former State Representative from the 86th District.

Dan said...

That's right. The 8th Senate is Ray Basham's downriver seat based in Taylor.

Keith Richards said...

How do we find out what positions are open in the upcoming election at the county and township level, and if anyone has filed for those jobs yet?

Dan said...

Keith Richards - Go to your county clerk's office and you can find out who has filed for the local races.

For candidates who have not filed, you can find out if they are considering a run for office by checking campaign finance records to see if a candidate has formed a committee. For congress and federal offices, the FEC has the records. For state offices, the secretary of state had them. For county offices, the county clerk should have them. I'm not sure for township. That's either the township or county clerk. - Election dates with filing deadlines listed.