Monday, January 02, 2006

Republican Michigander makes the Argus

And it wasn't in the police blotter either. Welcome to our Argus Readers here on all sides of the spectrum.

Dan Meisler wrote a story on this site. He didn't do a bad job on it, either. It's good timing since political news has been slow lately over the holidays, and the Lions have been too depressing to write about.

I'm glad this quote made the paper. "The Republican Michigander is conservative first, Republican second." On that level, I'd like to place a plug in for South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford in 2008. Draft Sanford in 2008. Sanford's a republican, but would be a strong change over the current big spending in Washington and goes back to the Republican roots of 1994. Sanford has my vote if he runs. John McCain's another story.

That quote may be foreshadowing of things to come here in Livingston County if some tax increases are in the works as rumored. Those will get wide coverage in this blog if the rumors are true. The Concerned Taxpayers Group of Livingston County (famous or infamous for defeating the May 3 millage in 05) is also re-activating and will also be on the case as well if need be. The Concerned Taxpayers Group has strong support here. Our economy can not afford more taxes at this time. I don't want to jump the gun, but stay tuned for developments on this, since I expect something to happen there.

There's only one real mistake in the story.

The site also includes detailed political descriptions of all Michigan counties.

Dan Meisler jumped the gun and gave me too much credit here. I'm only about halfway done with them. They will be done at some point, and then updated eventually after 2006. I'm finished up through Monroe, and jumped ahead to Oakland earlier.

For our visitors, my comment policy here is lenient. This isn't a free-speech site in the truest sense, but I usually don't delete posts. The only ones I've deleted so far are advertising spambots who should be horsewhipped. 99% of the time I won't delete comments because of a political view. The 1% is reserved for America haters, Nazis, race/ethnic baiting, bigots, X-rated language (ladies read the site), and stuff like that. That'll get picked off faster than a Detroit Lions' pass.

Debate's good, although I don't have time to answer every comment. I encourage candidates to post here. The more information we know about them, the better for us as voters and activists. TV ad's don't tell us anything.

There may be a blockbuster post soon on the senate race here (which I've planned for about a month), so stay tuned.


Writer said...

Congrats Dan! Now that I've moved to Wyoming, I'm looking for a "Wyoming Republican" website to tell me what's going on here.

Dan said...

I always wanted to travel to Wyoming.

How much does an out of state Mule Deer license cost there? "Non-canned" hunt?

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head when you said news has been “…slow lately over the holidays.” Amen. For the newspaper to cover this blog over the many out there that are much better it really had to be a very slow news day. That’s the case traditionally over the holidays when staffers take time off, and more importantly sources take vacations making it hard to reach people and get stories. But they still have to fill news columns, and doing a story on this blog really proved that theory.

I found it laughable when the story said you were “critical of the Daily Press & Argus, claiming, for example, that the paper every year says that Democrats will make big gains in the county.”

Hello, they have an office that’s open year around, but the Republicans, who control every thing in this county and have access to much more money and volunteers, have nothing.

Besides, where it really counts in the newspaper, the editorial pages, its very conservative. Hell, the editor who paginates, edits and decides what goes on that page is a conservative Republican. Buddy Moorehouse ran for the state House in the 47th district in 2002, and he got more than 1,700 votes in the gop primary. It was a very crowded field for the repubs, and they were all trying to out conservative each other. Moorehouse held his own in that exercise.

The P & A was on its way to becoming a quality news par until it took the same tack that’s a major problem with the bush administration, cronyism. Then-general manager Rich Perllberg said when Moorehouse resigned to run for office he would never work there again; we see how that went.

What’s also laughable is the P & A tries to wear this mantle of “community newspaper” because of all the competition from daily newspapers outside the county, but how many reporters on that paper actually live in the county? My guess is none. Of course, most of the editors do. So much for “community journalism.”

Hell, the Livingston County edition of the Detroit News has more reporters that live in Livingston County, and most of the reporters who write for the Livingston County metro page were once reporters that worked at the P & A but left because of management.

Dan said...

"Hello, they have an office that̢۪s open year around, but the Republicans, who control every thing in this county and have access to much more money and volunteers, have nothing."

And your office is in a location out of sight with no sign. I drove by there and didn't notice a thing. It's a quick drive for the Carney's and there's good parking, but that's the only real advantage I see outside of bragging rights.

If you're tossing $1000 (or whatever Grand River rent on the Brighton/Green Oak Twp border costs) a month in rent overhead off the top of the hat, is the office a good buy? I certainly don't mind seeing the opponents cough up rent money each month, plus utilities and other overhead costs. That just more money that doesn't go to the campaign.

What matters more than the office is votes. I'll let the voting totals speak for themselves. This county overall doesn't buy what your party is selling. This isn't Ann Arbor. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for this effort.

I just renewed my NRA membership and my new Y99 is ready for delivery.

Looks like the start of a Very Good Year.

Now if only the People of the State of Massachusitts would wake up and do the right thing....

Anonymous said...

Yes, good article by the P&A. "Party over principle" will be a grave mistake in this very pivotal election year. So many candidates and party members are courting this disaster. Grumblngs in the Mike Rogers camp is that he will endorse Joe Schwarz for re-election. If he does, that will be quite revealing.

Anonymous said...

The point is, a few volunteers raised the money and were able to secure an office. The Democrats don’t have access to mega corporation money and laundered money from people like jack abramoff like the repubs do. The headquarters may not have a sign, but people are sure finding it. As for if it’s an advantage, it serves as a rally and marshaling point, a place to hold meetings, strategy sessions and phone banking. For us, the campaign doesn’t run from August to November, its going on right now, everyday.

The Kerry campaign taught Democrats that there are a lot more compassionate people in this county than we were led to believe, and people came out of the woodwork wanting to help. They still are. The long-standing joke put forth by your Buddy Moorehouse – gee, I wonder what his political ideology is – is that the Democrats can hold their meetings in a phone booth. Well, we have outgrown the phone booth.

As for wasting the money on rent, that’s your opining, and as usual, an uninformed one. What are the republicans going to spend their ample funds on? More smear boat vet ads. If this blog is the best thing they can come up with we’re in good shape.

Well, the county may not be “…buying what your party is selling,” yet. But Michigan sure is, and it has gone for a Democratic Presidential candidate since 1992, and it will again in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad for this blog and glad for the coverage in the P&A. I hate that newspaper but it is the only thing in the county. There is a strong republican voice in this county but the moonbats seem to be multiplying. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I saw Newt Gingrich on C-Span this morning and was again impressed with him. He had a few requests from viewers asking him to run for President in '08. I was wondering if anyone else is seriously considering voting for him, as I am.

Anonymous said...

A deserved attaboy from the Argus - it is a great site. Except for one thing.
Republican Michigander lists in first position as his favorite movie one which, if he wasn't too busy making mockumentaries, Michael Moore could have made. "Braveheart" is mock historical fiction posing as serious cinematography.
Mel Gibson thrusts his middle finger belligerently skywards, as he does too in "The Patriot", as a blatant insult to historical accuracy. When challenged Gibson chortled "Get a life, its only a movie".
People and societies like him who don't study or understand the importance of history are condemned to repeat the errors of the past.

Anonymous said...

It appears Republican Michigander's tastes are maturing. I see his #1 movie is now "Tombstone" with "Braveheart" falling back to second. Way to go!