Friday, June 09, 2006

al-Zarqawi offed, Zandstra Out?, McCotter takes UN to task, Helmet Law and Castle Doctrine to Granholm, local stuff

I don't have time to really go into details on any issue at least till after Monday.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead. To quote Lt John McClane - "Yippee Kai Aye M#@%@#%er" I don't dance on many graves. That's an exception.

It looks like Jerry Zandstra is withdrawing for the senate race and will not be contesting in court the decision by the board of canvassers. If Jerry is on the ballot unexpectedly, he has my vote. If not, I'll be voting for the candidate who talks most about economic issues and has the best chance to defeat Stabenow. Jerry gained my support due to economic issues.

Regardless of what happens, Jerry Zandstra added to the debate with his discussion of economic issues, health care, affirmative action, and life issues. While health care costs and economics (outside taxes) don't get the same hype as other issues, they are very important, especially with the more quiet "man on the street" who isn't always in the news. I hope Jerry stays active and considers a run for Vern Ehlers' congressional seat when Ehlers retires.

Castle Doctrine (no duty to retreat) and the Helmet Law (repeal requirements of motorcyclists being forced to wear helmets) on their way to Granholm. I support both of these bills. A man or woman's home is their castle. As for helmets, government doesn't need to be a nanny to please the insurance lobbies. Get rid of the seatbelt law as well(and yes, I wear them).

There's a lot of controversey over the statue of the "naked man" at the Mill Pond down in Brighton. I don't see the big deal. Granted I didn't take a close look at it, but I didn't even notice that it wasn't wearing any clothes until the papers mentioned it. Maybe I need new contacts. I'm more concerned about all the tax measures and judicial races out here instead.

Lastly, Livonia Congressman Thad McCotter wrote a column taking the jokers at the UN to task. Kudo's to McCotter, and I wish more congressman were outspoken about the current joke that is the UN. It's past time for us to get out of the UN.

And speaking of the UN, there's another push for global gun grabs on the way at the end of the month. I'll be "fair and balanced" and let the gun grabbers have their say on this, as well the more mainstram Gun Owners of America.


Anonymous said...

The death of al-Zarqawi is a big blow to the terrorists in Iraq. He was the cold blooded cool head doing most of the organizational work - recruiting, training, materials, finance, planning, etc . .. His death won't end the attacks in Iraq, that is for sure, but the low level guys will be much less effective without his leadership, especially if it is true that many of his top assistants were also killed in the attack.

I'm sorry to see Jerry out of the race. One big complaint I had about other candidates in the race is that they were very slow to take public positions on most issues. Butler might have walked away with the nomination if he had been more open earlier in the race.

As for the mill pond statue, I've always believed that the human body is beautiful exactly as God made it, and that it is nothing to be ashamed of. But I can understand the complaints of parents who don't want to have to explain the facts of life to their kids just yet. It is true that in Europe statues like this are displayed openly, but the U.S. has always been more conservative. It would have been much better for this statue to have been displayed in an area less frequented by young children. So I take the organizers to task for not using better judgement in placing this artwork.

I agree about the U.N. being a problem but I don't think pulling out is a realistic idea. Even with all of its problem the U.N. does serve a useful purpose. As long as the U.S. remains a part of the U.N. we have an opportunity to exert our influence there. If we withdraw the U.N. will continue with just about every other nation on earth participating but the U.S., and this is bound to work against us.

It would be better for the U.S. to demand reform. Corruption is a problem with governments everywhere. It is a shame when dishonesty is discovered but it is a crime when that corruption is not cleaned up.

Anonymous said...

Dumping the helmet law is a step in the right direction to eliminating all the "nanny" laws on the books.

I'll add that I have a lot of experience riding motorcycles and I would never ride one without a helmet. But I believe that people should have the freedom to make this decision for themselves. True, more people get killed and injured when riding without a helmet. But people also get killed riding with helmets. Since motorcycles are dangerous with or without a helmet, why allow them at all? If we don't want people going out and killing themselves by doing high risk things, we should also ban sky diving, snowmobiling, skiing, etc . . .

It is worth noting that Michigan is one of a small number of states in the U.S. that requires a helmet and the only one here in the midwest. During summer months large numbers of motorcyclists go touring in the U.S. Since Michigan is out of the way many riders avoid our state due to the helmet law. Making our laws match the laws of surrounding states will put out a welcome mat to these tourists.

It is worth noting that while motorcyclists often carry a "hells angels" gang stigma, modern riders tend to be well educated and high income individuals - engineers, managers, business owners, teachers, technical people, etc . . . In other words, they are well informed on the issue of wearing helmets and well able to make an intelligent decision on the issue. They also tend to spend a lot of money at hotels and eating establishments while traveling so their tourism business is well worth going after. Getting this law on the books and well advertised before Sturgis in August could bring in a lot of tourist income this summer, so it would be worth getting this law enacted immediately.

Anonymous said...

Should there be an age limit? Like under the age of 21 you must wear a helmet? Shouldn't we protect our children?

Maybe a parential notification if your child is found not wearing a helmet.

Any thoughts?